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Recover Forgotten D-Link Router & Access Point Login Password

Today morning I received an email from one reader asking assistance to recover his lost D-Link Router login password. He was about to change wireless settings on his D-Link router but couldn't proceed further because of its lost password. Hi Alex, my brother has a D-Link Wireless Router which is working fine and has so many custom configurations. Now we have a problem. We want to upgrade our wireless security enabled in the D-Link router from WEP to something more secure. Exact problem is we cannot login to wireless setup page because of authentication failure. He has no idea which password he set for the D-Link router and he completely forgotten it. Can you help me to recover the forgotten D-Link password and change our current wireless security settings.

Now the million dollar question, can we ever recover a forgotten  router login information ? The answer is no but we can follow a list of D-Link router password recovery procedure. This procedure is completely based on guess and trial methods. This procedure is valid for D-Link Access Point & Range Expander user logon information recovery.

Bypass Microsoft Windows Admin Password

D-Link Router Password Recovery Procedure
  1. Try Factory default login username and password

    Enter admin as the username and leave password field blank. In case if you are trying to recover the password of D-Link Access Point, the default username and password is same. In many cases you might not change the default logon details and still the device is having the factory default settings. If it is true you can enter the setup page using the default logon information.

  2. Guess possible username and password

    If the default username and password combination is not working, it is the time to start guess for the possible combinations you may set for your Dlink router. Try any possible combination and also try refer your diary or other places where you may write down the logon details for future reference. It is better you refer the personal diary. It is also advised to check the possible numbers you prefer like your phone number or car number.

  3. Ask Assistance From D-Link Technical Support

    To get direct support from Dlink technical support team to recover your lost D-Link router password, visit the link below.

  4. Reset D-Link Router Password

    Here onwards it is no longer a login password procedure but password reset procedure. Since step 1 and 2 have failed, we have no other options other than reset the current password configured on D-Link router. Please note that by doing this step you will loose current configuration router and Access Point. To view instructions to reset  logon details, visit the link below.
    How to Hard Reset Username Set On a Router

Completed D-Link Router Password Reset Procedure. Now What ?
After completing D-Link Router password reset procedure, you will loose all your previous custom configuration. It is like a new router now. So we need to configure it again. To perform this visit the link below and follow the instructions provided there.
How to Configure  Wireless Device Manually

Steps of password recovery procedure to recover lost D-Link router and Access Point are same. If you follow the 4th step, all previously made custom configurations on Access Point too loose. So you need to configure the device again.
How to Configure D-Link Wireless Access Point

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