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Omiga Plus Browser Infection Removal Guide

For the past week, my PCs have been suffering infection by an application named Omiga Plus. I have no idea how this application gets installed on my PC. It infected web browsers and changed their home page and default Search Engine. Omiga Plus has infected all browsers installed on my computer using the technique browser hijacking. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer start showing Omiga Plus home page when I start. If I type a Search string on the default Search Engine, it is redirected to where a lot of pop-ups and malicious ads are displayed. While checking their website, this software seems a cool product but it, in reality, it is nothing but a browser hijacking tool. This tutorial explains the steps to avoid the infection by this Potentially Unwanted Program and procedure to remove Omiga Plus forever. Check Whether Your PC Is Infected With Omiga Plus First of all, you have to check whether your laptop is infected with

Manage Cisco DPC2320 Cable Modem

Cisco DPC2320 is a popular modem supplied by major cable Internet Service Providers. This tutorial explains how to manage this device and configure various features supported by it. It is actually a Wireless Residential Gateway which supports the features of both modem and WiFi router. So, if your Cable broadband service provider supplies DPC2320, you can share the broadband among multiple computers. The same tutorial can be used to configure and troubleshoot EPC2320 Euro DOCSIS Residential Gateway. It has one Ethernet port and WPS setup button. You can connect extra devices using the WiFi. Manage Cisco DPC2320 Internet Speed Hack Trick Log in By default DPC2320 log in IP address is and there is no default password or username. You can set up a password from the Password Settings under Basic Settings. Set time If the time zone selected on DOCSIS Residential Gateway is wrong, you can correct it from 'Set Time' link under Setup. If the time zon

Point Domain to Hosting in Different Dodaddy Accounts

I have been using GoDaddy for my domain registration and shared hosting for more than three years. So far I am happy with their service and their support tutorials are enough to clear most of the issues or doubts. However, yesterday only I found a new issue with hosting one of the domain names I purchased through them. Though both the domain name and hosting are from them, they are in different accounts. I purchased the domain name from a GoDaddy account but the hosting is from a different account. Now the trouble begins, I couldn't point the domain to hosting account because both are not in the same account. I have added the domain name to hosting and created a secondary folder for it but after uploading content, it says your website cannot be displayed. So here I am going to present the steps I have done (which are necessary even if you bought web host and web address from the same account) to fix the issue. Complete Guide to Publish a Website With GoDaddy This tutorial ex

HTC Desire 816 Dual SIM With NFC Feature

HTC Desire 816 is a dual SIM Android handset having 13 mp main camera and 5 mp secondary camera. It has Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A7 processor runs with Android KitKat version. It is released by April 2014 and becomes one of the top selling android phones in 2014. It supports HSDPA network with data speed up to 42 Mbps. HTC Desire 816 can be configured as a Wifi hotspot and supports wireless g/b and n standards. Another major advantage of HTC Desire 816 is its support for 128 GB memory storage with 8GB internal storage. It has 1.5 GB RAM. It supports microSD external memory cards. It shows highest data transfer speed when connected to HSDPA network. SIM supported by this device is the nano-SIM type. Now let us check every detail of this handset. Display and Data Transfer Speed If we consider the display of HTC Desire 816, it has 5.5-inch LCD2 capacitive touchscreen with 720 x 1280 pixels support. It supports multi-touch with total 165-gram weight. Default web browser installed wit

MTNL Broadband ADSL Modem Configuration Guide

MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) is Government owned Internet Service Provider who is currently providing high-speed broadband service in Delhi and Mumbai. They offer unlimited broadband plans for their customers in these two metro cities. This tutorial explains how to configure MTNL ADSL modem manually. They offer different types of modems like D-Link, Huawei, Utstar, TKD etc.. for their customers. Though they are from different manufacturers, configuration steps are similar. This tutorial explains how to reset MTNL Modem, reconfigure MTNL modem, setup wireless and WiFi security on MTNL Wireless Modem, troubleshoot slower broadband internet connection etc. We have provided detailed steps valid for most of the modem models MTNL Broadband usually supply to customers. Setup MTNL ADSL Modem Here let us check how to configure different models of DSL modems like Huawei, D-Link, Utstar, etc .. with Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited broadband service. Login Login IP address

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