DMZ In Network Security (Demilitarized Zone)

Now most of the modern Small Office Home Office routers offer DMZ host feature. For those who don't know about the use of DMZ, this tutorial may give an overall idea about it. If you place a device in your network in DMZ, that device won't have much access to other devices connected to the network. Device placed in DMZ is more exposed to external threats as it is logically placed outside the network with limited security. Also all ports of DMZ host are open and exposed to external network. DMZ host has its on merits and demerits.

What is The Use of DMZ in a Network

If you are a hardcore online gamer, you know the hurdles created by the router firewall and NAT. In most cases simple port forwarding allows you to continue online gaming but rarely some users face issues. Ultimate solution for the firewall issues in online gaming is to place your gaming computer in DMZ. However, after this step, your gaming computer is no longer protected by router firewall. Also your computer face limited connection to other computers in your home network.

Technically DMZ host is outside the network. So other hosts in your network is safe even if DMZ host is compromised. Though DMZ computer is compromised by a hacker, attacker will not get access to other devices in the network. So you can run a web service on your computer which can be placed in DMZ without risking the security of other devices in your network.

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