Which is The Most Famous Waterfall in Munnar?

After I started writing about Munnar, many of our readers asked whether there any waterfalls near Munnar town. My answer is yes, and many of them are actually very popular among tourists. As I wrote in my previous articles, Munnar is more than its Tea plantation. There are many things you have to explore. Waterfalls are among them. Let me suggest some of the best waterfalls very near to Munnar.

  1. Lakkam Waterfalls, Kannan Devan Hills Near Munnar Town
    I recommend Lakkam Waterfalls for every visitor. It is very near to the Kannan Devan Hills.

    24 km drive towards Marayur from the Munnar town is enough to get you there.

    You must be careful if you want to take a bath there. I recommend you to visit this place in winter or just after the monsoon.

    Look at the route map below to find out the best and shortest road to reach Lakkam Waterfalls from Munnar town.

    Lakkam Waterfalls is the nearest waterfalls in Kannan Devan Hills, and you should not miss it on your next trip.

    It is one of the must-see places in Munnar.

  2. Nyayamakad Waterfalls
    Driving Eight Kilo Meters from the Munnar town towards Udumalpet will get you Nyayamakad Waterfalls.

    It is a very beautiful place, and you must visit in monsoon time to enjoy the best view.

  3. Attukal Waterfalls
    Another waterfall near to Munnar is Attukal Waterfalls. Do not get confused with the name Attukal with the famous temple city in Trivandrum.

    To reach there, you must take Attukad Waterfall Road towards Pallivasal from Munnar. The best time to visit this place in Munnar is soon after the Monsoon.

  4. Thoovanam Waterfalls
    To reach here, you need to drive 43 Kilo Meters towards Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

    It is just 4 Kilo Meters from Marayoor. If you intend to visit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, you should not miss this place.

    You can spot two different Waterfalls with the name of Thoovanam falls. Luckily for tourists, both locations are very near to each other.

    Both places are in the Pambar river.

These are some of the handpicked popular waterfalls among the locals.

Since Munnar is on the western ghats, a lot of waterfalls are present near to the town.

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Once you reach the Munnar, you can either take advice from the Tourist help by KTDC or from reliable locals.

If you like shopping, Munnar has something to offer like, Tea, Spices, etc..

Important Things to Remember While Visiting Waterfalls Near Munnar
  • If you want to enjoy the maximum view, you must visit soon after the Monsoon period.

  • The monsoon period is very dangerous to visit waterfalls. So avoid tours in June and July months.

  • You must be very careful when you are near to the waterfalls. Water flow is very tricky and may tempt adventurous tourists to accidents.

  • Chances of accidents are very high and always obey the instructions from the officials.

  • Always hire an authorized guide and avoid trusting fakes