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Special Things to Buy From Munnar

When you visit Munnar, you will find out soon that it is a bit more than a normal hill station. You cannot complete your tour without purchasing special items offered by Munnar. It is a shame to leave the town without buying special tea leaves. In addition to the variety of Tea, you can buy quality spices, homemade chocolates, exotics fruits cultivated in the peculiar climate of the region, etc.. Let us check each item one by one.

My Munnar shopping suggestions go below.

  1. Munnar Special Tea
    Munnar is popular for its Tea plantations. Now the tricky question.

    Where to buy authentic Munnar Special Tea?

    The Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company owns most of the Tea Plantations.

    They run the Tea Museum, one of the must-see places in Munnar.

    There you can shop for different variations like Factory Fresh tea, flavored tea, etc..

    You cannot find many of the Tea variations outside the Munnar town market. They are available in the local market only.

  2. Strawberry
    Munnar is Strawberry hub of Kerala. The government of Kerala has a Horticorp outlet in Munnar where you can purchase fresh Strawberry cultivated by the farmers in Munnar.

    Apart from Munnar, fresh Strawberry arrives at the local market from Vattavada and Kanthalloor.

    Taste of the garden fresh Strawberry from Munnar will give you a special experience.

    Leading News Papers have special articles about the availability of fresh Strawberry.

    Garden fresh Strawberry is a must item to purchase from Munnar.

  3. Woolen clothes
    Munnar has many shops selling Woolen cloths at a reasonable price.

    If you are visiting Munnar in the best season, the winter, you need winter clothes.

    If you do not carry clothes suitable for the climate of this hill station, you can purchase them from any one of the many shops in the town.

    For those who love shopping, Munnar is not a very bad place.

  4. Spices
    Munnar is one of the best places in South India to purchase Kerala spices.

    If you are looking for the best shops to purchase spices in Munnar, there are many shops in the town.

    Cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon, etc.. are available in Spices Shops in Munnar town.

Another thing I really wanted to add was native flowers and seeds.

However, the flowers native to Munnar will not grow in other places.

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So I excluded them from the list of items to purchase from Munnar.
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Another recommended item to purchase from Munnar is the homemade chocolates.

I would like to hear from your Munnar shopping experiences. If you want to share some, you are welcome to share them in comments.


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