A Network Cable is Unplugged

One of the common network error message you may get in your daily life is "A network cable is unplugged". As compared to other error messages we discussed before, this message is not a big deal. You may get the error message A network cable is unplugged mostly due to the improper connection between the Ethernet port on your computer and the networking device (Eg: Router, Hub etc). In most cases simple loose connection is the reason. If you are connected to Internet by a wireless connection, this alert can confuse you. One of my friend told me even if he is connected to the wireless network, he gets this alert. He was really surprised because he could go online even if he was getting this alert. Anyway I am not going to beating around the bush. Major reasons to get the alert A network cable is unplugged are listed below.

Reasons for the alert A network cable is unplugged

  1. Ethernet Cable is not connected properly(loose connection)
  2. Unused Ethernet Adapters are enabled: One of the most common reason to get the alert A network cable is unplugged is the unused Ethernet adapters on your computer. If an Ethernet adapter is not connected, you will get this message.
  3. Unmatched duplex settings are enabled
  4. Faulty Ethernet adapter,Ethernet cable or Router/hub port

Solution for A network cable is unplugged

It is not hard to solve the message A network cable is unplugged. You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot this error message.

  1. Unplug the Ethernet Cable and reconnect. Now make sure the lights on Ethernet adapter and the router port are steady. If there is no lights, it means either Ethernet cable or the Adapter/ port is not working.
  2. Disable Ethernet adapters which are not in use. To disable an adapter right click on it and click disable. To learn how to enable an adapter click on the link below.
    How to Enable Ethernet Adapter
  3. try different link speed and duplex settings on Ethernet adapter. To learn how to change the link speed, click on the link below.
    How to Change Link Speed and Duplex settings
  4. Update Adapter driver: To update Ethernet adapter driver, click on the link below.
    Steps to Update Ethernet Adapter Driver Installed on Your Computer

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