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Create Log Files for IP Messenger Installed & View History of Conversation

IP Messenger is a popular messenger software used to communicate between computers connected to a LAN. One of its major attractions is the non requirement of a server to start communication. In most of the companies, employees are using this tool to share short messages and files between computers in the same LAN. In case if you are using this application to send sensitive information to another user, it is a good idea to create a log file for IPMSG communication on your computer. This log file will help you to recover important previous conversation and details of file sharing and read the history of file transfer between your computer and other devices. It is very simple to create a log database of communications between your computer and other computers using this application. Steps to create log files for IP Messenger installed on your computer are provided below.

Setup Log file for IP Messenger Run IPMSG on your computer

Right click on its icon in the system tray (Right hand bo…

Windows Task Manager Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator

Windows Task Manager is an important MS utility which monitors applications and processes running on your computer. The same tools helps you to kill any unresponsive applications. You can start it by pressing the keys [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] together. However, sometimes you may receive an error message Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator when you press these three buttons. This tutorial explains how to disable and enable Task Manager on a computer using both Windows Registry Editor and Group Policy Editor. At the end of the guide you can see different methods to start this utility. The below picture tells how to identify if Task Manager is locked on your laptop.

Run Command To Unlock Task Manager If Windows Task Manager is disabled due to malware infection, you may receive a message like "it has been disabled by system administrator" whenever you attempt to start it. In most cases GP Edit is enough to unlock it but some smart malware applications disable it by corr…

Advantages of Having Deep Links

I have been blogging for more than eight years and one of the frequently asked questions I noticed during all these years in webmaster forums is the difference between getting backlinks to home page and internal pages. I feel, still there are so many webmasters who are not aware of the benefits to secure backlinks to internal webpages. For a product or service website with one page, it is enough to build backlinks to just the home page but it is not enough for a big dynamic website. To get more targeted visitors to a big website, it is important to develop backlinks to the inner webpages. Deep links refer the links pointing to the inner pages other than the home page. If a webmaster is developing backlinks to just the home page and not to its inner pages, entire baclink structure looks suspicious and Google may detect it soon. It is because if all the backlinks are achieved by natural methods, they should be pointing to relevant inner page. Many potential inner pages are not appeari…

PathPing - An Effective Route Tracing Tool

One of the important network utilities every beginners in network engineering should learn is PathPing. Pathping has the combined features of both ping command and tracert command. PathPing traces the entire route from the source to destination and ping each hops in the route as the name suggests. So we can say PathPing has the combined effect of ping and tracert.

Importance of PathPing Tool
By a single command pathping trace the entire route from source node to the destination with details of each hops in the route as each hop is pinged. So the advantage is the ease of finding the exact hop which causes packet routing issues.