Wireless Range Expander- an introduction

The function of a wireless range expanter is to extend the
range of the wireless signal from a wireless router....

The pictorial representation of the working is given below.

Wireless router--------(45 feet)----------------pc

Let us think the range of the router signal is 45 feet.
The wireless adapter on the pc will receive the signal
from the router and will create a connection
between the wireless router and the pc.

If the distance between the pc and wireless router is
70 feet what can we do?

Ans. Establish a range expaner in between the router and the pc.

The range expander will receive signal from the wireless router
and extend the signal to a certain limit.

wireless router-----(40 feet)------range extender----(30 feet)------pc( wireless

Now the wireless computer will go online by receiving signal from range expander.

Detailed explanation will be in the following posts......

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