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Atom N470 processor From Intel with 1.83GHz Speed - Faster Atom Processors

Intel Introduce Faster Atom processor for netbooks with more energy efficiency compared to other processors by its special architecture. The processor code is N470 with a higher speed of 1.83GHz compared to the processor speed of 1.66GHz of current Atom N450. By comparing the two popular processors from Intel family, Core 2 series and Atom series we can see the differences. Core 2 is always looking for performance and Atom on the other hand more energy efficient by compromising the efficiency. Now by the introduction of high-speed Atom processor N470, Intel shows its plan to promote this single core processor too in the series of high-speed single core processors. But the energy consumption of Atom N470 is very less compared to the energy consumption of Core 2 series processors. But I am sure Intel will not introduce high-speed Atom processors which can match the speed of core 2 series processors. It is because Intel cannot let the sales of core 2 processors down due to this Atom proc

Microsoft Cursor Engine error '80040e21 - What is the reason for this error

Today while submitting my details to an online registration form (beta version by my friend)I received the following error message "Microsoft Cursor Engine error '80040e21' Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. /links.asp, line 564 ". I had no clue about what is this error and why it keeps occurring in the same form. So I decide to have searched on this error message and found the following details of this error message. By reading technical discussions about this "Microsoft Cursor Engine error" it is a database error. I have listed the results of the search. (All the details below are from various online communities and I myself is not a programmer). The error message Microsoft Cursor Engine error '80040e21' occur when someone trying to put a long string into a VARCHAR field. For example, if I am trying to enter a data of 100 characters into a VARCHAR field with 50 character length this error may occur. Thanks t

Firefox is Not Showing Spelling Mistakes and Spell Check Is Disabled

After came out from college, I never tried anything to improve my writing skills because of the spell check and grammar check tools available on the Internet. For a blog writer, if he knows how to use the spell checker, he does not need to worry too much about accidental spelling mistakes. However, after having a Firefox update, this feature just vanished. You can understand the difficulty to write without that tool. I know Firefox browser has default spell checker which will search for the spelling mistakes automatically. The last update just disabled that feature on my computer and I want to enable it back. This tutorial guides you to turn on automatic spell check feature of Firefox browser. Turn On Automatic Spell Check Feature Start browser Click on Tools in the browser tools menu In latest versions, you must press [Alt] and [T] buttons together to start options menu. Click on Advanced tab and select General In general window, you can see a checkbox which says

What is The Normal Internet Speed Using CDMA Technology

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is one of the popular mobile transmission technologies in voice and data communication. Many service providers offer CDMA based dedicated mobile broadband connection. Let us check the difference in speed offered by various standards. Internet speed offered by the original CDMA technology is very low as 14.4 kbps. This is the maximum Internet speed offered by single channel CDMA standard. In extended form, (that is eight channel form) it offers up to 115 kbps. However, even this eight channel form is not enough to start a high-speed connection. So for Internet usage, we are using some variations like CDMA2000. Upgrades of Code Division Multiple Access Internet speed of CDMA2000 is much faster compared to traditional CDMA technology. Here theoretically we can have maximum 2 Mbps. So the speed of CDMA2000 can match the browsing requirements of today's average Internet users. CDMA2000 includes two sets of standards. They are: CDMA2000 1X

Can Private Browsing Stop Tracking and Monitoring ?

Almost every browser offer private browsing feature. This term can mislead a newbie person because it has much meaning. This article is about to educate newbie users the benefits and doesn't dos in private browsing. First of all, it doesn't protect a user from monitoring and tracking by a third party person who can access your communication like ISP or the network administrator. You are still in danger of being tracked and monitored. This article answers the following three questions. What is the meaning of Private browsing? Does it actually make us anonymous on the Internet? Can it protect our sensitive data from being stolen? What is Private Browsing It allows you to browse the Internet without saving any temporary files or cookies on your computer. These files are files will be removed from your computer right after closing the window. Mozilla explains when you browse the Internet by using this feature, the following information will not be saved on your co

Take Full Web Page Screenshot by Google Chrome Browser

One of the popular methods to take a screenshot of a specific web page is using 'Print Screen' key ( PrtScn) but it does have a limitation. It will not show the entire web page but just the portion which is on the screen. Google Chrome has a solution for it and can take a full page screenshot of any web page. This can be done with the help of an extension named "Web Page Screenshot ". It is a Google Chrome extension and does not work with other browsers. If you try to install this App on Firefox or Internet Explorer, it will not work. This article explains how to install this plugin and take full page picture of any website. Install Web Page Screenshot This extension lets us take the full page screenshot of any web page which is opened in Chrome browser. The image can be saved in JPEG or PNG format. To download this extension, visit the following link. On this webpage, you will see

Create Google Custom Search Engine For Your Website

If you have a big website, it is necessary to add a search feature on it for helping visitors to find the information they seek. An interface with search functionality is highly useful for customers. Years ago there were no free methods to implement it and you had to hire a programmer to do it. Right now you do not need to contact any programmers to develop this feature. Google offers a custom search engine and you can simply implement it on your website. Advantages of using this feature are provided below. You can keep showing search results on your website You can specify the websites to pick the result It is free as Standard Edition (You should display Google ads to compensate it) It is easy to implement I have created a Google custom search engine (SE) for my website by limiting the number of websites from which the data can be picked. This custom feature displays results from my domain name only. Here I explain the steps I have done to develop a custom Search Engi

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