Setup Wireless and Security On Teracom Router For BSNL DSL Modem Connection

My previous article was about setup Internet connection on Teracom router. Now it is the time to configure WiFi and WiFi security on Teracom router with BSNL DSL Connection. BSNL provides Teracom modem with routing facility. So, though it is a modem we can connect multiple computers to it if DHCP server is enabled on the configuration page. Setup wireless in Teracom wireless router is as simple as selecting the radio Wireless Network. In Wireless settings page we can select the proper encryption to secure its WiFi network from external intruders. This device has the facility to enable MAC Address Filtering to provide additional security. Let us check step by step how to setup WiFi security on this device.

BSNL Broadband Configuration -Part 1

Setup Teracom Router Wireless security With BSNL

1. Login to BSNL Teracom Wireless Modem

Please note that default Login IP address of Teracom Router is but if you change that IP address, you should use the new IP address to the login setup page.
  1. Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter.
  2. Now you will be prompted to enter Teracom router username and password.
    WiFi Connectivity error

    Default BSNL modem username and password is :

    User Name: admin
    Password: admin
  3. Now click OK to login. Now you will be in BSNL overview page.
    over view

If you are looking for steps to setup Internet on this device, click on the link below.
Configure Internet Connection On BSNL Modem

2. Go to Wireless Settings Page

Click on Wireless Network which located under Configuration tab. In this page, you can activate WiFi on BSNL Teracom modem.

  1. Turn on WiFi by selecting enable button opposite to Wireless Network.
  2. You can change the name(SSID) of your network by typing any name on the field Network Name(SSID).
  3. It is better to select channel selection auto because then the device will choose the best channel automatically.
  4. You can hide SSID by selecting Yes to Hide SSID

3. Enable Wireless Security on Teracom Router

It supports the following encryption standards.
  1. WEP 64 bit encryption
  2. WEP 128 bit encryption
  3. Wi-Fi Protected Access
  4. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
Select proper encryption from the drop-down menu opposite to security options.

If you are a home user and just need security and not worry much about it, the easier one is WEP 64 Bit Encryption. If you select this as the security option, you can type any hexadecimal number ( 0-9 and A-F) as the wireless key. Don't forget to click on confirm button. Now onwards you need to enter this ten digit key to log in to your wireless network.

If you are very much conscious about the security of your wireless network, I recommend you to use WPA or WPA2. Then you should select Wi-Fi Protected Access or Wi-Fi Protected Access2 from the drop-down menu. You can select authentication mode for Teracom Wireless network as PSK and enter the Pass Phrase. After this, without this PassPhrase, no computers are allowed to join your wireless network.

4. Troubleshoot Teracom Wireless Configuration

If you are facing any issues with connecting devices to WiFi network, follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to Troubleshoot a WiFi Network

In this tutorial, you have learned how to configure wireless on Teracom modem for BSNL Internet connection. You have also learned how to enable wireless security with BSNL connection. Teracom modem WiFi configuration is the same for most of the Teracom models. To learn how to configure Teracom modem with BSNL connection click on the link below. The configuration step is same for most of the BSNL type 2 modems.
How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Modem in PPPoE Mode

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    Teracom BSNL Modem Wirless Settings

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  4. Thank you for your wireless configuration tutorial. I have a doubt how can I add WPA Wireless encryption in my BSNL modem ? It is from teracom

    I am now using WEP 64 bit encryption in teracom modem but don't think it is enough ? Can I upgrade to WPA without any issue ?

  5. @ Hari

    Yes, we can enable WPA protection in BSNL Teracom modem. While selecting the wireless security settings you should select Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and create a pass phrase for it.

    I always recommend you to enable WPA in your Teracom modem than enabling WEP in it. WPA is more secure compared to WEP.

  6. Hi. I have a PSP and BSNL's teracom modem cum router. I have made all the settings in the router for wireless. WPA - PSK enabled. Configured the same and got an error >>> Cannot connect. Will I need to open the ports as well. A response on would be truly appreciated. Thanks again :)

  7. Portable Play Station is compatible with 802.11B standard only. Please set your wireless network to 802.11B only and try to connect to the network.

    If still your Portable Play Station is not connecting to the Teracom wireless network, you may degrade your wireless security to WEP. It is because WPA sometimes shows compatibility and connectivity issues.

    Hop this will help.

  8. error comes access point not getted what i have to do ?

  9. Hi G,

    Could you please explain a little bit more about your issue?

  10. sir when i try to connect ma phone having wireless to my modem it doesnot connect......after pressing d 10digit key it says that connection no longer available...plz help me phone is nokia C3

  11. Hi Kavi,

    Some of the tips to fix the connection issues between your BSNL Wireless modem and nokia C3:

    1. Disable the security (wireless encryption ) and try to connect.

    Check whether you can connect or not

    2. Change the Wireless network Name and Wireless channel.

    Say Wireless network name (SSID) = Kavi

    Wireless channel (1,6 or 11)

    3. Make sure your Modem has latest firmware

    I recommend you to follow the thread for more help.

  12. can i connect MTS net connector through USB by teracom bsnl type 6 modem ?

  13. can i connect MTS net connector
    through USB by TERACOM BSNL type 6 modem ?
    if yes what shal i do ?

  14. Hi Anees,

    Can you elaborate your question a little more?

  15. Anonymous4:25 AM

    I have done the Terrcom MODEM LAN Configiration as mentioned. The lan is enabled in my laptop. and the connection is through but I am not getting the web page.
    I HAVE CALLED THE BSNL person who cannot figure this out

    Please help

  16. Hi,

    Could you tell me the results of flowing operations:

    1. On command prompt please type

    ping and press enter

    check whether you get reply from (Teracom modem IP address)

    2. Ping

    Please tell me what is the result.

    and check whether you type the correct user name and password given from BSNL. If you type wrong user name or password while configuring the teracom modem, you will not be able to access Internet.

  17. hi
    I am new to BSNL, I did set upthe Lan and it is perfect. but Wireless I couldnt figure out what the issue is.
    in setup, i have following settings:
    Select profile: 802.11B/G
    Country : INI
    Channel selection : Auto
    Select channel: 2 (this number keeps changing)
    SSIS: Rev
    Hide SSIS: NO
    Security: 64 Bit
    Tx Index key: 0
    Key method: Directket
    key: 123457abcd
    PMK checking: Enabled
    and did hit confirm

    when i refresh the available wireless networks i could see my network, when i connect it with the key, it keeps trying and comes back with 'Available' rather than connecting. please help

  18. Please select channel 1, 6 or 11.

  19. Anonymous10:43 AM

    i have done all the above mention step . still i m gettng an error
    "the network did not assign a valid ip address in a given time .you may not have connectivity to network"

  20. Thanks a ton.. I was able to set up my internet connection. Your blog was really very helpful.

    Thanks again!

  21. I am happy to see this post helped you.

  22. gopisreekanth3:07 AM

    Hi Rev

    the Security Key which u r entering for security purpose, all should be entered numbers only not mixing letters and numbers.. if u are encripting with 64 bit also u should enter 10 digits only...

  23. Thanks Gopi for adding value to this post. WEP 64 bit encryption can use Hexa decimal keys and it should be 10 digits. Thanks for pointing our Rev's key's error (11 digits ).

  24. @siju George... hey hi dude u r welcome... no need of saying thanks sharing of thoughts and ideas will help in lot of way's.....

  25. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Thanx,that was pretty neat.My need is slightly different and i wonder if you can provide any input to me in this regard.I have Type 2 Teracom wireless Modem and i intend to do port forwarding,as i dont know nothing about port forwarding,i am unsure about what other details to provide you with,in case u require more details,kindly specify.

  26. You can find port forwarding option in BSNL Type 2 teracom modem under security tab.

  27. not so helpful. hexadecimal key can not be generated

  28. Hi Anand,

    If you select the option direct key, you should manually give a 10 digit hexa decimal key.

    Eg: 1234567890

  29. Hello Siju

    I have got a wireless printer (Dell V313)which I am not able to pair with the network. I have a wireless internet connection and a wireless enabled laptop (Dell).

    I am could connect my laptop to the internet without any problem. But my lap is not getting connected with the printer. The printer's WiFi signal is searching for signals but it is not able to find a device.

    Do I need a router for connecting the printer wirelessly?

    Hope I have not confused too much?


  30. Your Wireless Printer should have an IP address if you want to access printer from laptop wirelessly. So I recommend you to add a static IP to your printer in the same IP range of your Access Point. Then your printer may connect the wireless network. Please follow this step and if the issue is not fixed write back with details about your network diagram.

  31. Thank you Siju for the suggestion.

    To be frank, I never understood what you suggested to do. However, I tried to connect through the modem and it worked..

    Eearlier I was trying to connect the printer directly to the laptop; in vain. Now, I switched on the wireless modem ( It is a router as per the Dept JTO), the printer and the laptop and tried to set up the printer as per the installation procedure. The printer got connected.

    Anyway thank you for the suggestions.


  32. Anonymous3:31 AM

    When I typed 'admin' as user name and password, a message ''authentication error'' is displayed. what will be the reason? please help me.

  33. I am glad to see that your issue is fixed by yourself.

  34. Authentication error means you typed a wrong combination (or wrong)of Username/password to login your BSNL modem.

  35. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Even when I typed the username and password as admin correctly, it shows authentication error.
    what may be the reason?

  36. Anonymous10:45 AM

    i have a samsung galaxy s2 . i m not able to connect even with the correct password entered,it just connects n then disconnects...

  37. Anonymous11:20 PM

    thanks a lot dude.....god bless!!

  38. Thomas7:26 PM

    Hi... I'm trying to connect to wireless on the terracom but it doesn't get past authenticating. I turned of authentication but it still doesn't connect. I've never used wireless so far on this modem. What could be the issue?

  39. $anjai7:16 PM

    user name: "admin" and password: "admin" does not work it seems. the dialog box, just keep me asking the username password. can you just a alternative way?

  40. Hi Thomas,

    Have you created a wireless key for the wireless network from teracom modem ?

    I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below.

  41. Hi $anjai,

    It seems you configured your Teracom modem with custom user name and password. Try to find the right user name and password or you have to reset the modem and reconfigure it.

    To know how to reset a modem, follow the steps in the link below.

  42. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Here is one link which will help you for the same.

  43. Thomas8:00 PM

    thanks Siju... I finally figured out the issue. The Mac filter was set to whitelist. Once I disabled it... it connected like a charm.

    Thanks for the response!

  44. I am happy to see you fixed the issue by yourself.

  45. Anonymous5:31 AM

    hii modem getting heat whats the reason

  46. sir i am amit i am from kangra himachal pradesh i was purchase bsnl modem data card in past 7 month ago but now it have hardware problem and i want to solve that problem want your help how i want to send that modem in your company to solve that .so please help me how i will send on what address ...please help

  47. Hi Jagan,

    It is normal, modem produces heat while it is working. So better make sure there is a proper air circulation.

    Hi Amit,

    If you find hardware issues with your BSNL modem, you should contact the local BSNL exchange. They will either repair or replace your faulty modem without any additional charges since it is under warranty period.

  48. Dolphus8:28 PM

    I have a Teracom BSNL NON-Wireless CPE/Router. I have connected a DLink Access Point to one of the four lan ports on the BSNL Router. I am able to connect to the DLink Wireless network from my wireless laptop, and dial the internet from the BSNL dialer and then browse. The doesn't open the Teracon/BSNL webpage. I get a DNS error. I want to configure the DLink AP to autodial the internet whenever someone tries to browse a website after connecting to the DLink Network. Please help with steps as I am not networking guy.

  49. Siju George10:52 PM

    Hi Dolphus,

    It seems your primary need is to reconfigure D-link AP with BSNL modem. To do this please follow the link below

  50. am able to connect wireless from ma nokia 5800 xpress music.....
    but can't browse any of d site....
    i have tried to connect from sony xperia too... d problem is same with dis too... and my connection is working on d desktop...
    plz sir help me out...

  51. Hi,

    For wireless issues please follow the steps provided in the link below.

  52. mathanraj12:55 AM

    "802.1x Identity String:"
    Wat is this.. It shows blank in my configuration page..
    wat can i do

  53. hi i have a teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI modem iwant to knw how to do port forwarding for camera aceess

  54. Hi Husain,

    To know more about port forwarding in BSNL modem, click on the link below.

  55. Siju George3:41 AM

    Hi mathanraj,

    Can you give us more details ?

  56. hey i have a bsnl type 2 usb router (broadband )and i want 2 connect my mts broad band in it with usb to use wifi how to configure plz reply

  57. @ Kush

    In order to configure your BSNL modem in mts broad band connection, you have to have the configuration details from mts broad band customer care. Though some values are different the configuration of the modem is similar to the above post.

  58. @ Kush

    In order to configure your BSNL modem in mts broad band connection, you have to have the configuration details from mts broad band customer care. Though some values are different the configuration of the modem is similar to the above post.

  59. hiiiii m using in my lappy win 7 and i have a modem of teracom which u metioned up n i have done all the above mention step . still i m gettng an error to connect my lappy so can u tell me how to i solve my problm plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and u can snd me solution on my id

  60. Siju George10:59 PM

    Can you tell me what error you are getting when you try to connect to the Internet?

    Is it a wireless laptop or connecting with an Ethernet cable ?

  61. Hi,

    i have bsnl teracom wifi router and i have got a new MTS usb modem. how can i configure it, kinly do a favour to me.

  62. Anonymous3:02 AM

    the username and id admin does not open the configuration. then what to do

  63. You cannot direct connect MTS USB modem to Teracom wifi router. However, using ICS you can provide Internet to Teracom and use it as a Wifi AP for other computers.

  64. Siju George12:06 AM

    Hi Devinder,

    If the default combination does not works, you might have configured a different user name and passowrd. So please try to remember that other wise the only option is reset and reconfigure the modem. But after reset you will loose all previous configuration.

  65. Can wifi be set in such a way that it will work only during specified hours. i.e. say 2 pm to 4 pm.


  66. Siju George1:39 PM

    Hi Aleem,

    I couldn't find any options in Teracom modem to accomplish the specified need.

  67. Ashok5:04 AM

    How much money I should spent to buy this teracom modem? Is this modem free from BSNL ? If yes what I should do to get modem free from BSNL ?

  68. Thanks a TON!!!
    This saved my Business!!!
    who ever you are .. you are awesome!

  69. Anonymous3:58 AM

    i cant get access to

    m getting msg again n again- connection to server failed.
    what can i do??

  70. Siju George (Admin- PM

    If you are not able to access modem with IP address, I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below.

  71. Ramesh Nair12:24 PM

    Thanks I was looking for a way to secure the wireless in BSNL modem. They didn't tell me how to secure the wireless and I know my neighbour was hacking my BSNL wireless Internet. With your steps I stopped him. Thanks to solve my problem.

  72. Rasika5:44 AM

    Hi Siju George,
    I have a teracom modem and I have configured it according to your instructions on this blog. Also I have enabled the wireless on the modem and done all the settings. Now both my laptop and desktop connects to the internet at the same time, one through wireless connection and other through LAN cable respectively.
    Usually I used to connect my desktop to internet by using a username n password but now after all the above configurations I don't have to use the username n password to connect to internet and the desktop connects automatically.
    The problem is that while I am connected to internet via wireless on my laptop I don't want the desktop to connect to internet directly without using username and password.
    What settings do I need to do so that my desktop doesn't connect to internet directly?

  73. Please anybody help me!!!!I have bricked my teracom t2-b-gawv1.4u10y-bi. When I was Updating its F/W it showed error that "Update failed" and the Power light, the DSl Light, The internet light with VOip and USb lights freezed !!!The Power Light is steady at red colour with the internet light also at red but DSL light is stuck at green with VOIP and USB which I don't use(Voip and USB)
    I Connect to modem using RJ-45 Cable...
    Please help guys!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Admin (CoreNetworkZ)6:38 AM

    Hi Pratyush,

    You may reset the modem and do a power cycle to fix it. After this you should try to update the firmware.

    How to reset a modem

    How to Power Cycle Modem

  75. Siju George7:39 AM


    Doing PPPoE configuration, the user name and password are saved in modem and so you do not need to type them again to connect to Internet. Thats why your Desktop and Laptop connect to the Internet automatically without asking the User name and Password provided by your ISP. If you do not want this facility you should delete the PPPoE configuration and perform a bridge connection in your modem. So you should select bridge instead of PPPoE while configuring modem to ask the desktop before connecting to Internet.

  76. My android phone gets connected with Teracom WiFi modem, but not accessing internet. What settings are required for accessing internet?

  77. Admin6:42 AM

    Hi Mantu,

    First step is to verify whether other computers connected to Teracom modem are going online? Please verify Internet configuration in Teracom first before start troubleshooting your Android phone.

  78. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Hey Can you tell me how can I setup this BSNL modem? It is from Teracom as you mentioned here.

  79. Anonymous5:50 AM

    when i try to connect the wifi it says unable to join network

  80. Anonymous5:51 AM

    when i try to connect it gives the message as thatunable to join network

  81. I'm havin dis bsnl it possible to giv other wifi connections lyk beam....?

  82. Siju George1:01 AM

    If you are not able to join Teracom Wireless network, please click on the link below.

    Unable to Join Teracom Network

  83. lakshmi narayanan7:17 AM

    have a query... about the teracom modem... the broadband works just fine.. i wanted to enable the wireless network and that happened well too.. though when i click on connect to the network, it shows an error.. on troubleshooting, it says "investigate router or access point issues".. kindly help..

  84. Hi Lakshmi Narayanan,

    You should make sure that Teracom modem is running on latest firmware version. If the issue persists flash the firmware.

  85. vignesh surya9:25 AM

    hi i bought a teracom modem from my friend....i updated the configuration to my number and lan is working properly...but the wi5 is not connecting in my mobile(samsung galaxy y duos)...the light in the modem is blinking for wi5...but in the mobile when connected it is showing remembered,secured with wep and then showing DISABLED....please help me i hav done all the steps above...but it is not working...suggeest me some tips immediately......

  86. Admin2:14 AM

    Is your wireless working fine with other devices ? May be another wireless network is saved in your galaxy in the same name.

    I recommend you to change the wireless network name (SSID) from Teracom modem and then try to connect to the new network name from your phone.

  87. Anonymous8:48 AM

    hi sir..
    i have bsnl dataone modem.. i think i made a mistake while writing password(admin) or while the password of my modem while accessing
    now i m not able to connect to the internet and when i go to it asks me for the password 3 times and shows the message "protected area".. help me please

  88. Siju George12:00 AM

    Hi ,

    If you forget your BSNL Modem password, please try the solution provided in the link below.

  89. Hi I am looking but it says page cannot be displayed! any help?

  90. Anonymous3:34 AM

    hey i got a problem when i type the user id and password as admin its not going to the page it keep on asking to type user id and password

  91. Admin1:57 AM

    If you are not able to login to Teracom modem either your password is incorrect or you need to clear the cache and cookies in your browser.

    To reset and reconfigure Teracom modem, use the instructions in the following link

  92. gautam11:44 AM

    How to Connect Dongle in this Modem?

  93. Anonymous11:45 AM

    We cannot connect dongle to Teracom modem now.

  94. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I am having the bsnl Teracom router installed by bsnl personnel. Initially the wifi was strong and no problem. But after a week the signal become very poor and unable to connect through wifi but through Ethernet card it is working. How to solve wifi problem.
    Even bsnl guys cannot restore wifi connection. Pl help.

  95. Admin2:47 AM

    Can you access the Wireless network from your BSNL router using other wireless devices like SmartPhone, Laptop etc ? If no, then the issue is with Teracom router. Check the following facts first.

    1. Are you using any wireless devices like cordless phone in your home ? If yes it might cause interference.

    2. Have you updated the firmware on Teracom router ?

  96. Anonymous7:24 AM

    i don't see Wireless network option under configuration tab. what should i do ?

  97. When i give on browser , i am unable to see Wireless Network option under configuration tab .. what should i do ?

  98. Admin8:46 PM

    Hi Sachin, Can you write the model number of your modem ? Perhaps your modem does not have wireless feature.

  99. i have USB printer HP Laser Jet M1005, i wanted to connect it to USB Host Port on the Modem and there after use it as a network printer. But i was unable to find usb setting for that port. kindly help. :)

  100. Hi Vaibhav,

    I don't think Teracom modem provided by BSNL supports network printer. Can you give me the exact model number of your modem ?

  101. Hi! Can I use The Teracom Modem in Wifi Station Mode other than the AP Mode?

  102. I do not think you can configure Teracom modem in station mode to accept signals from other APs.

  103. Hello, I just brought a Nexus 10. when I first time connect to my BSNL Teracom wifi router it is not connected. it is always saying connecting or obtaining IP address... :(
    for that I am not able to entering to the tab it stock in the wifi page after selecting the language page.

    all my phones including a Samsung s3, tab and also my laptop all switch automatically connected to the wifi router.

    I wake up in the morning and just press again the connect button. is connected..!!! Not understand why it is behaving like this. I am not done any changes in routers settings also.
    Same problem happen again when I turn off and on the router. my tablet not detected while phones are ok. should I change the router :confuse:
    :help: :help: :help:

    Is it not connecting b'coz the routers frequency mismatch or anything else ??
    what could be the solution ?

    Please help.
    thanks in advance

  104. Hi Amitroutray,

    From the details of your comment, it is clear that the issue is at your Nexus 10 side. I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below.

  105. I can not login as admin as user name and password is not taken up

  106. Anonymous2:17 AM


    Can you please help me how to connect windows 8 via teracom type 2 modem with bsnl connection i am not able to connect it says limited access or no connectivity please help

  107. Hi Sivakumar,

    I recommend you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.


    Are you trying to connect via wireless or Ethernet cable ? If it is a wireless connection, I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below.

  108. my teracom modem model no:TDSL300W2 is not supporting 2 android devices simultaneously, but it does support an pc and an android phone or 2 pc's simultaneously. any solution for this ?........................ thx in advance

  109. @Milan,
    Seems a strange issue. Since the modem is giving connection to two devices (except two android phones)at the same time I think the routing feature is working fine.

    I suggest you to update the modem firmware and check for the issue. To download firmware, you might contact BSNL customer care.

  110. sir i am not able to login and it gives error authentication required and i have tried default login also by username admin and password admin so please guide us

  111. Hi Nilesh,

    You may try the steps explained in the post

  112. Hello sir im priyadarshan.. i have a teracom T2-B bsnl modem..i can connect internet through the problem is i cant connect to internet through wifi in phone and laptop..i can see the SSID, after giving the password, it says "OBTAINING IP ADDRESS" thts all...its not connecting..what might be the issue sir...kindly help me..thnk u

  113. Hi Priyadarshan,

    I recommend you to follow the steps mentioned in the link below.

  114. Hi,
    I have a samsung galaxy a5 and teracom BSNL modem. My phone's wifi not obtain the IP address and not connect with wifi. I m so worried about this... other wifi connection are connect but above teracom bsnl modem is not connect.
    Plz reply soon

  115. @Kamal

    I suggest you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.

  116. @ Muruganandam K

    If this modem (Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI) is supplied by BSNL, you can follow the same instructions provided in this tutorial to enable and setup WiFi pasword.

  117. I have to change password of Wi Fi connection.Please tell me step by step process. H.D.Mathur

  118. Under Wireless , you can change the current wireless password by changing the passphrase.

  119. How to set limit for downloading in Teracom WIFI router

    Pls provide steps.


  120. @Srinu,

    For which model of Teracom WiFi router you want to limit the download speed ?

  121. When i go to
    Then there is saying Authentication Required

    When i Enter User name = admin
    and password = admin

    that is not working Username and password

    Please tell me what is the password of modem name = Bsnl Teracom TDSL300w2

  122. @ Eliteabhinav

    Hi Abhinav,

    I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below.


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