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Faster Website Loading and Proxy Features of Opera Turbo

I was not aware of the real use of Opera Turbo until today morning. Yesterday I had one issue about one of my client's website is blocked by BSNL connection. I failed to open the website in Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc. Accidentally today I enabled Opera turbo and I am happy, the blocked website is here. So thanks to Opera turbo to solve one of the problem (Though actual problem remains ) I have been facing since yesterday morning. So now I understand Opera Turbo is not just improving the speed of browsing but also act as a proxy to bypass some of ISP restrictions. According to team Opera, Opera Turbo compresses web page to lower size and help to transmit more data in available bandwidth. It is like opera compress the website which is requested by the browser in Opera's server and make sure that the size of downloaded data to the computer is less than normal mode(when Opera Turbo is not enabled).In Opera website, they claim Opera Turbo mode can load web pages up to five times faster than other browsers. In my case, I saw a notification where the current loading speed is noted as 3X.

How to Start Opera Turbo

There are not many headaches to start Opera Turbo in your computer. In order to start Opera turbo click on the Opera Turbo icon situated at the left-hand bottom corner of the Opera browser.

How to start Opera Turbo

Now you will see Turbo configuration page and you need to set as Turbo on.

Configure Opera Turbo settings

There are three Turbo modes are there. Automatic, on and off. If you set automatic mode, Opera will detect lower bandwidth and enable Turbo automatically.

Enable Turbo for slower broadband connection

Opera Turbo act as Proxy

Opera Turbo is acting like a fast proxy server by hiding my actual information from the third party websites. Here I run a test to find my IP address and location. When I checked my IP address in normal mode, they showed my actual details but it changed when I enable Turbo mode. You can see the result when I browse in Opera Turbo mode.

Turbo mode hides my IP address and location.

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Karl said…
I've heard a lot of good stuff about Opera Turbo. If you think you're having problems with loading using other browsers, I suggest you use Opera instead.

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Brian said…
Opera 10, which as with all browsers is downloadable for free, does offer some notable features that do distinguish it from its rivals. The headline addition is “Opera Turbo”, which dynamically replaces online graphics with low-resolution versions to speed up browsing on slow connections, such as shared Wi-Fi networks.

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