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Blogger Social Sharing Button is not Showing

Right now professional bloggers cannot avoid the impact of Social network and media sites to bring traffic to their blogs and websites. So adding a social sharing button on a website is necessary nowadays. We can see many third-party tools which offer the facility but now Blogger is also offering an official social sharing button for blogs in blogger platform. It helps to share the blog posts in social networks like Twitter, Google plus etc. Sharing blog posts in Google is very easy now by using this new inbuilt feature. This tutorial explains this new Google feature and how to utilize it to bring more traffic. How can we integrate this social share button on blogger blogs? It is as simple as to check the show Share button on page elements in the layout.

How to Show Share Buttons in Blogger Blog If you like to activate this inbuilt future, follow the steps below.
Login to Blogger

Click on Layout

Click on Edit link in "Blog Posts"

Check "Show Share Buttons" and click on…

Consider Replacing Your Battery Alert on Battery Icon in Taskbar

Today morning, I have seen one new notification in Taskbar. It is a warning with a message "Consider replacing your battery" and the description with this warning is "There is a problem with your battery so your computer might shut down suddenly". In addition to this error message, I see one cross mark on the power cell icon and noticeable reduction in its life. To learn more about this new error, I opened Windows Mobility Center but there too the same message displayed. To launch Windows Mobility Center. follow the link below.
How to Access Windows Mobility Center

According to Windows support, if Power Cell is working with less than 40% of its original capacity, we will see this warning. Other possible reasons for the warning "Consider Replacing Your Battery" are:
The laptop is not Designed for the current Windows version

Power cell full charge capacity is less than 40% of original capacity

Wrong Power Cell Settings in your computer

Possible BIOS error in re…

Show Post Summaries on Blogger Blog Home Page

Just like what we see in WordPress blogs, the blogger also supports showing summaries of published posts on the home page with"read more" links to the original post. When I started blogging, I was confused whether I should show multiple posts on the home page or single post. That time Blogger had not introduced the "After the Jump" feature. So showing multiple articles on the home page was not a good idea at that time. The jump feature lets you display the summary (or the first paragraph) of published articles on the home page. The major benefit of this feature is the nonrequirement to change any HTML changes by yourself. All you need to do is, just select the position of jump in the text editor (in content) and the article part till that jump will be shown in the home page. To read content after this jump position, the reader should click on "read more" link displayed below the summary.

Steps to Display Post Summaries on Home
To display the published art…

A Runtime Error has Occurred. Do you Wish to Debug ?

"A Runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug ?" is an Internet Explorer error message you may receive while opening certain websites in it. Along with this error message, you may see the line number where this error happened and the nature of the error. This error message can come due to following reasons.
Bad Website programmingThe hardware or Software issues on your computer
According to Microsoft support, this error can come due to possible hardware or software issues which prevent the browser from working correctly. In addition to the computer related problem, faulty website programming also plays a big role in this error.

How to Fix this error
In order to fix "A Runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?", we should disable Script debugging in Internet Explorer. To do script debugging manually, follow the steps provided in the link below.

How to Disable Script Debugging in Internet Explorer

Please note that I wrote the above article to fix another …

How to Enable Flow Control on Network Adapter

In some Network Adapter and Connection related troubleshooting we need to either enable or disable flow control property of the adapter. This article is a supporting article for our other network troubleshooting guides. Before going to the steps to change the flow control property of the adapter, let us define what is flow control. If a Network Adapter receives input frames more than it can handle, without flow control enabled option, you may witness frame loss/ packet drop. It is because the sender is not getting information about the possible frame loss and it will not stop sending packets. With flow control enabled option, your Network Adapter will be able to send pause frame which tells the sender (sender of frames to our NIC) to pause the transmission until its buffer is free. So if your NIC is not a high speed one, while connecting to a high-speed network, you may need to enable Flow Control property to avoid packet loss.

How to Change Icon Size and Font Size in Windows 7

Depends on the resolution and screen clarity, you may need to adjust the icon and font size in Windows 7 for the better view. Sometimes the default text size may be difficult to read and you may need to increase it to overcome this difficulty. In a low-resolution screen, you may need to reduce the font and icon size to fit the entire page on the screen. Sometimes to make it easier to read what on the screen you may need to increase it. This article tells how to adjust the font and icon size in a Windows 7 computer. Though it is a Windows 7 tutorial, you can use the same set of instructions for Windows 8 laptops.

Steps to Adjust Icon and Font Size Click on Start

Click on Control Panel

Click on Display

Select the size

If you are facing issues with reading text due to its smaller form, select the radio button near medium or high. If you are facing issue to fit items on the screen, you may need to select smaller measurement. I mean if the text is small and you are facing trouble with reading …

The Last Address Book Operation Did not Succeed due to a Server error (Error code: -40402)

I am not using Yahoo Messenger (YM) very often but at least keep a relation with my old Yahoo chat contacts most are from my college days. This time I ended up with a failure message while trying to delete an old chat contact to update his new chat ID. The error message I received while trying to delete Yahoo messenger contact is "The last address book operation did not succeed due to a server error (error code: -40402)". I tried to log out and log in to check whether the contact was deleted from the address list. It was still there and the delete operation I did is a failure.

Reasons for Code 40402
In support forums, many users say error 40402 occurs when you attempt to delete a contact, which had been added in yahoo email, from the messenger. Another reason for "The last address book operation did not succeed due to a server error (error code: -40402) " is actually that address already deleted but somehow shown in the messenger contact list. So when you attempt t…

Common Reasons For Google AdSense Application Rejection

Yesterday I have seen one comment from a reader asking the procedure participate Google advertisement program. He is trying hard to get AdSense account for his blog but Google rejects his applications every time. Most time he gets different reasons from them and he is not sure what is the exact reason for this continues denial. Every time after applying for AdSense account, he receives an email telling him his application is rejected due to following reasons "Insufficient Content", "After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria" "Page type" etc... Though I am not a PPC guru (still trying hard to understand the working of this PPC system) in my best of understanding one website should have following qualities before applying for AdSense.

Tips to Get Your Website Approve By Google AdSense It should be updated regularly

Quality unique content

Reasonable domain age

Genuine website(not MFA [Made For AdSense…

Backward Compatibility Check Of 802.11a/b/g with 802.11n

Today I received an email from one of my blog reader asking if Wireless G Router is backward compatible with wireless N Access Point. He is planning to purchase a new IEEE802.11n Access Point to expand his home network. Right now he is using IEEE802.11 G router but it is unable to transmit signals to his computers situated at different floor. He knows without using a range expander or AP, he cannot extend the signals to a different floor. From range expander and AP, he selects AP because of its extra benefits. He is attracted to the higher speed of n standard but it is costly compared to 802.11g AP. He is worried because even if he spends money to by 802.11n Access Point, will it work properly with devices in his network. Right now most of the devices in his network are 802.11g standard.

Wireless N is backward compatible with wireless G 802.11n is backward compatible with its predecessors. Wireless n works properly with 11a/b/g standards. Right now let us examine the g and n standards…

Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not Made because the Modem was not Found

Yesterday I received an error message while connecting to the Internet from my laptop, "Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made because the modem was not found".

It happened when I connected a USB modem from one of my Internet Service Providers and clicked connection shortcut of another Service Provider.

I use the USB modems from Photon and Netconnect Internet Service Providers.

I connected Photon modem to my laptop and clicked the Netconnect connection wizard. The error message I received looks like the one in the image given below.

Reasons for Error 797: Modem not Found The major reason for the error code "Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made because the modem was not found" is your computer failed to find the modem to establish a connection to the ISP.

You will get the same error message if the modem is not correctly installed on your computer.

Another reason is the port issues where the connected port is …

My Android Phone Boots in Safe Mode

A few days ago I rebooted my Android phone and after that, I see a label "Safe Mode" on the left-hand bottom corner of the screen. After reboot, it starts operating in safe mode but I never noticed an option to select safe mode while rebooting the device as we have in the desktop computer. In Android discussions, some users say the safe boot is designed to disable the working of third-party apps on Android to make troubleshooting easy. If your handset has a lot of third party Apps installed, they might cause incompatibility with each other. In that case, your handset may show many troubles. However, it is a mystery how come my phone get into it because I never did anything intentionally.

Reasons to Work my Android Phone in Safe mode In some technology communities, users mention a way to safe boot Android device by pressing the menu button while restarting the device. I do believe I might press the menu button when I rebooted my handset and as a result, now it operates in a s…

Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be Completed

Today while trying to access the Internet, I received a message " Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed". My computer was prevented from going online. This message window has two buttons redial and cancel. When I clicked on the redial button, I received the same error message. To close the window I had to click the cancel button.

Reasons for Error 628 While searching for the reasons for this issue, experts say it can happen due to the following reasons.
Modem driver issues

Signal loss

Faulty Firewall Settings
In mobile broadband connection, there is a chance of signal loss and it can lead to the Error 628. Other two important reasons are faulty firewall setting in the user computer and an outdated modem driver.

The solution for Error 628: Connection was Terminated
Now let us check how to resolve this issue. The solution for Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed is given …

How to Update Driver Software Installed on your Computer

This is a supporting article for our other major troubleshooting guides related to Internet connections and modem issues. Many Internet connection issues arise due to the use of outdated modem driver installed in the user computer. In rare cases, the latest automatic Windows update may show some compatibility issues with already installed modem driver. In both scenarios only solution is to upgrade the installed modem driver in the user computer. To get the latest modem drivers you should check it on the modem (Adapter etc)manufacturer's website.

Ping Request Could not Find Host. Please Check the Name and Try again

If your computer faces any DNS related issues, one of the major Ping error code you may receive while ping to any domain name is Ping request could not find host [website Name]. Please check the name and try again. This error message says your computer could not find the domain name because it failed to resolve the hostname to IP address. This DNS issue blocks your computer from accessing any domain names by typing the website addresses on the browser.

Different Methods to Assign DNS Server Address To Your Computer

Domain Name System (DNS ) is used to resolve domain names to IP addresses. On the Internet, every communication is based on IP address but it is difficult to remember the 32 bit IP address for a normal user. DNS server is resolving this issue by assigning a unique name for a particular IP address. Every computer connected to the Internet must have Domain Name system information to communicate other devices connected to the Internet. If your computer faces any DNS issues, one of the important solutions is to assign Open/ Google DNS server addresses to your computer. In our many troubleshooting guides, we suggest this solution and it is necessary to write a supporting article, with steps to assign specific server addresses to your computer, for other troubleshooting guides.

Assign DNS Address On Windows 10Type Control Panel on Windows Search

Select View by  Large Icons from the drop-down menu

Click on Network and Sharing Center

Click on the Wi-Fi connection

Click on Properties button


How to Disable Script Debugging in Internet Explorer

It is a supporting article for the main article "Runtime Error" where one of the solutions is disabling Script debugging feature in Internet Explorer. To read the main article, click on the link below.
Runtime Error Yahoo Messenger Stops Working

Disable Script Debugging in IE To enable/disable script debugging in Internet Explorer, follow the steps below.

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Click on Tools (or Press [Alt] and [T] together)

3. Select Internet Options

4. Click on Advanced tab

Check the "Disable Script Debugging" option under browsing.

Click on Apply and OK.

To delete saved passwords from Internet Explorer, follow the link below.

Delete saved passwords from Internet Explorer

If you are looking for a way to get rid of the message which prompts you to make IE as your default browser, click on the link below.

Turn Off IE Message To make Internet Explorer as Default Web Browser

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