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Firefox 3D image Search

Today I was looking for some interesting Firefox browser add-ons and accidentally found one 3D image addon called Cooliris. I downloaded and installed this addon and checked whether it is good stuff or not. It is really impressing as the normal Google image search displays in 3-dimensional view with additional features. There are many other add-ons which provide the same 3-dimensional photo search feature. Let us check this one first and go to other add-ons. You might be interested to see, how photo viewing is different on my PC after installing this tool. Some of the screenshots are attached below.

If we select one image, it will be displayed as below.

Cooliris is not just for Google. It works well for other platforms like Bing, YouTube, etc. It can be selected from the options on right-hand top of the window. You just need to click on the search and various options will come out.

To rotate pictures in each direction (with 3D effect) we need to press the blue button on the bottom of…

How to Check My Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage and Bills

I have been using Tata Photon Plus service for one month while my roommate is using Reliance Netconnect for his Laptop. We have chosen different wireless broadband services for our laptops because of the concept "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". I purchased my Tata Photon Plus wireless USB modem from their online store instead of the local dealer. It is because there was an offer (Laptop bag worth of 1.5K ) for every online Photon Plus purchase.

Update: Special offers are purely up to the time to time decisions made by Photon plus marketing team and I am not sure they offer the same at this point in time.

I received the packet including Photon plus modem (with a small delay) and the Internet is working fine (Though I am not getting 3.1Mbps what they offered) with reasonable speed. Seems everything fine but now only I noticed one issue how to check my Internet usage ?. In the manuals I received, it is written that you can check the Photon Plus Internet usage by log…

How to Configure Linksys WRT160N WiFi Router With DSL Modem

WRT160N is one of the popular Wireless routers from Linksys which works on 802.11n standards. Wireless N is far superior to other standards like 802.11a,b, and g, in WiFi speed and network coverage. This tutorial explains how to configure this device without the help of the setup disc comes with the package. Here I assume you have a DSL broadband connection and share the Internet with additional devices using WRT160N. If you are using a cable modem, there is a little difference in the way we configure it. The difference is mentioned at the end of the guide.

Configure WRT160N With DSL Broadband Connection
To perform it, follow the step by step instructions provided below.
Connect your Computer to the WAN port of the WiFi Router using an Ethernet cable

Make sure WRT160N is powered on.

Open Internet Explorer on your PC and type on the address bar. When it prompts, enter the default login username and password of WRT160N provided below.

User Name: [Leave this field blank]

How to Restore Accidenatlly Closed Firefox Browser Tabs

It is possible that you may close a browser tab accidentally and want that back. If it happens on Firefox browser, you can restore that tab without any trouble. This tutorial explains various methods to recover a Firefox browser tab closed without intention on your computer. There are different methods to do it. At first, we explain how to do it from the User Interface and the second method tells keyboard shortcut to do it. So let us check these two methods.

Restore Closed Firefox Tab From Interface
If you are comfortable with the user interface, follow the steps below.

Click on History tab in the tool menu

Select Recently Closed Tabs

Now you can see the list of recently closed Firefox tabs. All you have to do is to click the one you want to restore. One of the important problems many users face is to find the Tools menu. If you cannot see Tools menu on the top of Firefox browser, just press [Ctrl] and [F] buttons together. Tools menu will be shown when you hold these two keys together…

How to View Event Log in Event Viewer On Windows Computer

Windows Operating system keeps a log file for all the incidents happening on your computer. All the entries are written to a file called Event Log. If you are an advanced Windows user, you can check this file to study every issue happened on your computer. It is like hardware or software failure. The first step to do is to view this file stored and this article explains steps to access and read it. It records the following three events and they are provided below.


Let us learn more about these three events. Application log tells the major events by installed programs including any failures. Security event keeps track of major security incidents like invalid login attempts, hacking attempt etc. The system log stores incidents by Windows XP system components. The procedure is similar for Windows 7 and 8 computers.

Open Event Viewer to Read Entries On Windows XP
To read the log details, you must access the viewer first. Here I provide steps to access event view…

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