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Error 720: A Connection to the Remote Computer could not be Established

Yesterday while starting a dial-up connection on my laptop it showed an error message Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established . While searching for the possible reasons and solution for error 720, I found the following information. Some of the reasons to get this error message are the weak signal, Loose contact of the modem, corrupted TCP/IP protocol, etc. I have troubleshot my dial-up connection and laptop with the information I collected and fixed the error. This tutorial is based on the procedure I followed to fix the problem. If you ever see this error message, I hope the following troubleshooting guide will help you to resolve it. How to Resolve Error 720 If it is a USB modem, you should unplug and replug the modem. In most cases, the re-connection of the USB modem fixed the Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established Uninstall and Reinstall TCP/IP : Corrupted TCP/IP protocol on your computer may results &quo

How to Uninstall and Reinstall TCP/IP Protocol

On CoreNetworkZ, we have discussed many connectivity issues. One of the many common solutions found in different tutorials is the reinstallation of  the TCP/IP suite. So, we decide to write a supporting article to cover this area. Uninstalling TCP/IP on your computer is another supporting article for our major network troubleshooting guides. Before going to the steps to uninstall TCP/IP protocol, we should understand what is TCP/IP. TCP/IP is a protocol suite, a combination of a set of protocols which are necessary for establishing communication between computers in a network. Major protocols in TCP/IP suite are: 1. TCP 2. UDP 3. IP 4.ICMP 5. DHCP In many networking issues, we need to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP protocol on our computer. To do this, I suggest you follow the instructions provided below. It is important to know that you have to log in to the Windows Administrative account to perform the steps. Steps to uninstall TCP/IP Protocol Click on Start and go

How to Delete My Yahoo Messenger Account

I believe you heard the news about the closing of Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms. Some of the loyal users of Yahoo messenger service(YM) are angry on it, and one user asked me to share steps to delete YM accounts. Whatever the reasons Yahoo provides an option to delete your Messenger account. However, the important point to remember is you cannot delete YM account alone. The only option is to delete entire features associated. So I recommend using the different alias if you are no longer interested in disclosing your real ID. If you are determined to delete entire Yahoo account, you can follow the steps provided below. Go to the Yahoo Account Termination page by click on the link below Login using your username and password Now you need to verify the termination process by filling your password Now they will permanently disable your access to this account and put this account in the deletion queue. After 90 days, they will

How to Reset Linksys Router

Though not recommended there are many instances where you may need to reset the network devices on the home network. For example, if you forgot the current router login password, you would not be able to access the configuration page. Linksys router does not come with a password recovery wizard, and the only way to claim access to the setup page is by resetting the current password. Another reason is to fix connectivity issues due to the faulty configuration, and you are unable to find the exact wrong setting made. Linksys router comes with a reset button, and it is very much needed if you want to reset the current configuration. In that case, you may need to reset the router to factory default and start it from scratch. Why Should I Reset Linksys Router Forgot log in password To recover from faulty configuration Part of the firmware upgrading process Steps to Reset Linksys Wireless Router Hold the Reset button for 30 seconds by using a pen tip. You can fin

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