Duplicate Name Exists Error While Connecting to a Network

Have you ever received an error message Duplicate Name Exists while trying to connect your computer to a Local network? If yes, it is because another computer in the network is already using the (host name used by NetBIOS) name of your computer. You can fix Duplicate Name Exists error by simply changing the NetBIOS name (Network Basic Input/Output System) of your computer(it should be unique in the Local network). Some time you may receive this error message even if your computer has a unique name. Reason is the outdated WINS Server. It is because WINS server is responsible for verifying the NetBIOS names of the computers in the same network. So the possible solutions to fix the error Duplicate Name Exists are provided below.

How to Solve Duplicate Name Exist Error

  1. Chane the name of the computer(unique name) and reboot.
  2. Update WINS server

As we see one of the major reason for getting the error message Duplicate Name Exists is the outdated WINS server. To learn more about it, click on the link below.
How to Configure WINS From Command Prompt

You have seen how much NetBIOS related to generating the error message "Duplicate Name Exists". It works in session layer of OSI reference model. To read more about it click on the link below.
Session layer and Its Importance in OSI Reference Model

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