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Reduce Firefox RAM usage and Improve System Performance

If you are running with low RAM on your computer, you can improve the system performance a little by reducing the Random Access Memory usage of Firefox browser. By default there is a minimum RAM usage reserved by Firefox than it actually needs. If your PC is brand new with enough RAM modules, you do not need to worry this part. However, for an older computer system, you may need to release the unnecessarily reserved RAM/cache usage by programs installed. If you do not know how to check the current RAM usage set on Mozilla browser, follow the instructions provided here.

Steps to Disable Over RAM usage of Firefox Browser
To do this, follow the instructions carefully.

Access Config Window

Type about:config on address bar and press enter. Now we will get a warning window like below. We should click I'll be careful, I promise button.

Right click on browser.cache.disk.capacity

Now find "browser.cache.disk.capacity" in the Firefox configuration window and right click on tha…

What is difference between Internet Speed & Bandwidth ? - ISP offer bandwidth

I never thought these two words Internet bandwidth and Internet speed are so much confusing for regular Internet users before I talk with a CCNA guy. Even though he finished his CCNA while speaking about the ISP packages he refers both terms Internet
speed and Internet bandwidth are same. Like him many Internet users are referring both this speed and bandwidth are same and they never understand these two are different.

Difference between Internet speed and bandwidth

Internet speed and bandwidth are technically different. Bandwidth is referring the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time through the network while speed is the time taken to reach the data (in form of packets) from source to destination. So we can see bandwidth is a fixed one while network speed can vary. Network speed depends on many factors like the protocol using to send data, server efficiency ,network conjunction etc. In practical life a
user feels the Internet speed by downloading certa…

Tools to Check Internet Connection Speed - Upload and Download Speed Test

Have you ever felt you are not getting the Internet speed promised by your ISP ? If yes, you are not alone. Irrespective of the hard measures by Internet Service Provider, still many users don't receive the promised upload and download speed. It is true for various types of ISPs including Cable Net, DSL Broadband or Mobile Networks. However, we cannot blindly blame Service Providers because there are many factors affecting both upload speed and download speed on your device. In case of 4G networks, data transfer speed varies with total number of active users on the network at that time, distance between you and the Mobile tower, quality of your handset etc. In case of Cable and DSL Broadband, number of active users on the network in your region adversely affect the real Internet speed at the time. So it is better you don't blindly believe the claims of your service provider about their speed but you check it before choosing. You must check the actual upload and download speed …

Different Ways to Rotate Firefox Browser Tabs

Most users have the habit to open multiple tabs and continue working with different tasks. Some users find it difficult to go back to previous window. This tutorial is basic Firefox browser tutorial which explains different methods to rotate tabs. It is easy to transfer working window forward and backward using simple keyboard combinations. Here you will learn how to rotate Firefox tabs forward and backward or select a specific one without going through everything.

Select the Tab one Forward to Current

To transfer the user control forward to the current working, follow the below keyboard combination.

[ctrl] + [Tab]

If you have multiple tabs opened and want to select the next one, you can select it by pressing Control and Tab buttons together. You can use the same keyboard combination to move the control forward.

Transfer control to one tab before Working tab

To transfer the user control to the previous tab, use the following keyword combination.

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab]

Pressing the…

Enable Custom Belkin Router Wireless Security (WPA & WEP)

Belkin Wireless router comes with preset WiFi security. That means you don't need to spend your time to enable WiFi encryption on it. Using WiFi protected setup, you can connect all your wireless devices to it by pushing WPS button. This feature helps us reduce the time required to configure wireless security on Belkin router. It is more than enough to protect your network from intruders. However, if you want to make custom changes on Wireless security preset, you can follow this tutorial. There is also some technical reports which recommend do not use WPS to setup WiFi security. They find WPS can reduce the protection of WPA encryption. So it is always better turn of WPS and enable WPA encryption on Belkin WiFi network manually by using the procedure explained in this tutorial.

Manually Enable Wireless Security On Belkin Wireless Router
In case if you want to change the preset encryption with your custom security, follow the steps below.

By using the ip address…

Protect Computer From Overheating and Keep PC Cool

I had been facing computer overheating issue for a week till yesterday. When ever I start certain applications, computer would shutdown automatically without giving any warning. After rebooting the PC, it was written there previous shutdown was due to processor overheat. Applications like Firefox, Internet explorer etc works fine but whenever I load heavy tools, I faced this overheating issue. It was so frustrating and I decided to fix it and make my PC cool. This guide tells an enhanced process to deal with processor overheating issues.

Reasons for Computer Overheating
It is not uncommon to have this heat issues on a PC. There are many reasons for it but some of the most common causes are listed below.

CPU fan failed to work

Heat sink issue

Dust inside the cabinet

Flow of hot air from cabinet is blocked

PC Overclocking

If your laptop is facing any heat related issues first place to check is the cabinet and processor fans. If the fans are not working properly, it can increase the temper…

Create, Manage and Delete Wireless Filters On Windows

Windows allows users to manage IEEE802.11 networks from Command Prompt. It is done by creating wireless filters to prevent that computer from connecting to the specific WiFi network. Settings wireless filter is very important in case if you suspect your PC may join a suspicious wireless network and risk the security. One of the major threat of a computer with WiFi facility is to get connected to suspicious Ad-hoc networks. A hacker runs an ad-hoc network can steal data from your computer if it is connected it and the risk is higher if file and printer sharing are enabled. A properly set WLAN filter can protect your laptop from all the above risks. This tutorial explains how to create, manage and remove WLAN filter on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP computers.

How To Manage Wireless Filters
This section explains Command Prompt method to set wireless filer for a WiFi network on Windows PC. It also explains how to delete the Wlan filter in case if you no longer want to block that pa…

Start WLAN AutoConfig (WLANSVC Service) On Windows 8 & Windows 7

WLAN AutoConfig service ( WLANSVC ) helps Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers to discover  a wireless network (802.11 standards) and connect to it. The same service is used in  Vista instead of Wireless Zero Configuration(WZC) in Windows XP. In my personal experience by starting WLAN AutoConfig service instead of vendor wireless utilities on a computer, we can fix most of the wireless connectivity issues. Windows 8,  7 and Vista computers use WLANSVC service to manage wireless networks and you can find it on services window under the display name WLAN Autoconfig. Sometimes WLAN AutoConfig does not start automatically  by some strange reasons. So we may need to go to the service page and start this service manually. This tutorial tells how to run it on a  computer in different ways.

How to Start WLAN AutoConfig From Services Type services.msc on Search

Click Services when shows in Search

Right Click WLAN AutoConfig from the list of services listed. You may check the bottom of the list …

Changing Wireless Channel to Improve Wireless Signal Quality

Quality of WiFi signal from an Access Point(AP) is determined by many factors in addition to the device quality. wireless interference, obstacles in between your laptop and AP, power of antennas etc can influence the total signal strength. One common reason for low signal quality is the competition between different WiFi routers to use the same wireless channel. We can test it by changing the current channel to different one. IEEE802.11 networks use multiple WiFi channels starting from 1 to 11. Among these, the useful are 1,6 and 11. We should use one among these three because these three are having no overlapping. If your router is using channel 1, you can change it to 6 or 11 and check for improvements in signal quality. If you are using smart AP which can detect the best channel by analyzing the interference, you should set auto. Most modern devices support this auto detection feature.

Now let us check the relation between interference and Wireless channel. Normally we consider t…

Disable Firefox Browser Session Restore After System Crash

You might be familiar with the term session restore if you ever face browser crash on your PC. After a browser crash, you will be asked to restore the previous tabs those were opened. If you are using Firefox browser, you will get this option to start Firefox with the previously opened tabs. Rarely some users say they do not get a chance to recover previous tabs after system failure. This guide tells how to fix that issue. This feature is on by default. However, if you do not want session restore feature on Firefox browser installed on your computer, you can disable it. This tutorial explains how to disable session restore in Firefox and also explains how to turn on this feature if it is disabled by default.

Turn Off Firefox Browser Session Restore
If you do not want this feature, follow the instructions below to turn off it.

Go to Configuration window

To access Firefox configuration page you should type about:config  on the address bar and press enter button. Now you can see a warnin…