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Popular Mozilla Firefox Browser Tips, Tweaks and Tricks

While writing a blog, discussing different Internet technologies, we cannot miss important web browsers. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers nowadays. Mozilla foundation developed the Firefox browser and developers helped a lot for the success of this project because it is an open source project. A big pool of add-ons makes Firefox very helpful for developers, marketers, researchers etc. has a lot of tutorials related to Firefox browser. Here I provide links to some of our popular Firefox browser tutorials. Important Firefox Add-ons One of the important reasons for the big popularity of Firefox is its huge collection of add-ons. Here you can see tutorials introducing some nice add-ons you can install on your computer. You can also read the step by step guides to install and operate these add-ons. FireFTP - Recommended Free FTP File Transfer Program One Deleted Add-on by Mozilla Firefox Capture Full Screen-shot Using Firefox Browser Add-on

How to Troubleshoot Linksys Wireless Router Connectivity Problems

Linksys is a leading SOHO product manufacture and their Wireless Routers are very popular. This tutorial explains the necessary steps to troubleshoot a Linksys Wireless router when a PC connected to it facing issues with accessing Internet. There are various reasons which prevent a user from going online but the task of a network admin is to isolate the right reason from the list of all possible reasons. I believe this guide will help you to isolate and pinpoint the right cause which prevents a Linksys router from getting an Internet connection. Here we troubleshoot some common issues and they are listed below. Troubleshoot Configuration Issues Your Computer cannot Join  Wireless Network Cannot Access Internet Through Linksys Wireless Router Low Speed of Linksys Wireless Router Analyzing Issues With Linksys Router If you are facing any of the issues listed above, I recommend you to go through the guide to fix it. The same procedure can be followed to fix issues wit

How to Remove Close button from Firefox Tabs

Firefox is one of the popular browsers with many stunning features. We have covered many guides on the topic and here I introduce one different tweak. Let us check how to modify the default feature of this browser by editing the configuration. This tutorial explains step by step instructions to remove the close button from Firefox tabs. After completing the procedure there won't be an option to delete the tabs without closing the entire window. You don't need to worry, you can always reverse the changes you made. Steps to Remove Close button from Firefox Tabs I would like to give a small introduction first about the way this tweak works. To perform it, we need to login to config page. Then edit the value of browser.tabs.closeButtons from default to 3. It will remove the close button from all Firefox tabs. Steps are given below. Start the browser Login to about:config To remove close button from Firefox tabs, you need to login to about:config. To do this type a

How to Encrypt a Picture With Secret Text

There is an old trick to hide a file or text in an Image, and send it over Internet to avoid detection. If we search in Google with the keyword "Hide message in an Image", we can see a lot of tools to hide secret phrases in an image. However, this tutorial doesn't explain the usage of any of the tools. Here we learn how to encrypt a picture with secret text without possible detection. We need a high-quality picture in JPG format and once we encrypt this picture with hidden content, you will notice no difference to it. This tutorial is written in a way to teach you this trick without the help of third-party tools using a practical example. Steps to hide Text in an Image Before proceeding to the trick, we must make sure we have the following essential things ready. A quality JPG image Text file you need to hide WinRar Here I assume the text file we need to hide is named as text.txt and the photo is named as image.jpg. I have a file named hidenfile.rar wh

How to Access On Screen Virtual Keyborad On Windows XP & 7

If you are in a public cafe, it is not advised to type your username and passwords using regular keyboards to log in to online accounts. If applications like keyloggers are installed on that computer, they can record every keystroke and send it to their Creator. So if you type the username and password using the keyboard, keyloggers will record them and eventually others will learn your user login information. In order to avoid such a chance, it is recommended to use virtual keyboard to type sensitive information on a laptop. Microsoft built a virtual keyboard called Windows On-Screen Keyboard for users who are using infected computer to avoid keystrokes. This tutorial explains how to access virtual keyboards on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP computers. Access Windows 7 Virtual Keyboard Go to Control Panel Click on Ease of Access Center in icon view Click Start On-Screen Keyboard Now the virtual keyboard is started How to Get On-Screen Keyboard in Windows XP To ac

Troubles With Changing Yahoo Messenger Display Image

Last time while chatting with one of my friends in Yahoo Messenger, he said that he was unable to see my display image. Then I checked and saw no display image was selected. As usual, I selected the display image and click OK. However, it didn't fix the issue and the display showed blank. I tried again to select my uploaded image in Yahoo Messenger but the issue remained, as the display still showed blank. I checked the reason for this trouble in some forums and found that issue of unable to change yahoo messenger profile picture is a common issue. It may be from the server side or the issue from client side. Another kind of issue is with seeing the display image of chat friend. Instead of showing his display image you may see a black window. This tutorial explains a set of possible steps to troubleshoot issues with changing current yahoo messenger display image. How to Solve Issues with Changing Yahoo Messenger Display Image Possible troubleshooting steps you can follow w

DVD Drive is Not Showing in My Computer

DVD or CD drive is an important peripheral device and most of the desktop computers and laptops have it. There are certain cases where a computer fails to recognize or show DVD drive connected to it in My Computer . It is like your PC doesn't even know such a device is there. This tutorial explains most of the reasons for a computer to ignore the connected DVD drive. The second part explains the common troubleshooting steps to fix if you cannot see DVD writer in My Computer. Major Reasons For Not Detecting DVD Writer DVD Drive may be disabled in your computer The driver needs to be Updated Loose connection Possible Registry Error Solution If you do not see the CD writer in My Computer, I suggest you perform the steps below. Check in Device Manager The first step is to go to Device Manager and check whether the DVD writer is detected there. If it is detected, make sure it is not disabled. If it is disabled in Device manager, you need to right click on

Configure Nokia Siemens C2110 ADSL Modem to Setup BSNL Internet

BSNL provides Nokia Siemens C2110 ADSL Modem for users who opt not to take wireless modem. It has routing feature but does not have WiFi. Since it has DHCP server, we do not need to buy an extra router to share Internet among multiple computers. However, C2110 has just one LAN port and one USB port. So you must have an additional device known as a switch to share the Internet with multiple computers. Nokia Siemens C2110 ADSL Modem is best suited for BSNL customers who want Internet on just one computer. This tutorial explains how to configure broadband on Siemens C2110 ADSL Modem and instructs how to connect a switch to share the broadband among multiple devices. Boost BSNL Broadband Speed Configure Broadband On Nokia Siemens BSNL C2110 ADSL Modem Connection Connect LAN port of C2110 to a computer using an Ethernet cable. Make sure the device is on. Login Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter. When a user login window comes it will promp

Display Driver Stopped Responding and has Recovered

Today my computer display just went black and came back within a few seconds with an error message Display Driver Stopped Responding and has Recovered . It has extra details too; Display Driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows Vista (R) stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I am using Windows 7 on my PC and I am confused after reading this message. Why do I get Vista error message on a computer running on Windows 7? To learn more about it, I went through many technical forums and blog and I realize it is a common issue. There are so many queries regarding this issue. If you haven't experienced it yet, the below image will give you more information. Reasons For Display Driver Error Most of the users complain they received this warning after adding new hardware to their computers. After adding a new Graphics card, changing PCI card etc, many users witnessed this issue. Overheating and outdated display driver is also in the suspected list. So before

How to Disable Windows File Indexing

Indexing is the process of creating records of programs and other files on your Windows computer. It helps to fetch search results faster using Microsoft OS search. Indexing process consumes a portion of overall system efficiency. If you use the search feature very often on your laptop, it is better to keep the indexing active but if you don't care much about search speed, you can disable it. Disable indexing can improve the system performance a little bit more. Windows 7 is always looking for files to be updated to its index and it may reduce efficiency. If you are looking for a fast system search, you should not turn off this feature. If you are looking for performance and don't bother the speed of file search for a particular program or file, it is better you turn off indexing feature. If you do not know how to do it, I suggest you read the steps provided below. Steps to Turn off Windows Indexing In order to turn off indexing in Windows 8 and 7 computers, you need to

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