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Convert PDF & Image Text to Notepad Format

As we know, the Text in PDF or photos for user's eyes to read and not for editing or indexing. However, this situation is changed and now it is possible to convert text in PDF file to plain content using free tools. This tutorial explains how to convert words written on PDF document and image to plain text. I use free OCR tools to perform this conversion. Full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition and this technology is used to identify image text and convert it to machine-encoded text. There are many OCR services available and some handpicked services are introduced in this guide.

Convert Image to Text
Here I take the screenshot of "about me" page of and try to take words in the screenshot to real words automatically. I have saved the screenshot in different formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG. The sample document is uploaded to Free OCR services.

I have the same document saved in different formats and each one is shown exactly as after th…

Tor Proxy Review - Best Free Anonymous Proxy Software

I have been using Tor Proxy to browse anonymously for more than two years and I am happy with its performance. I believe this product is worth to be promoted because it is free and hassle-free. Before choosing it, I tried different similar products and finally, I picked it as my favorite proxy software. It is more than enough to protect your anonymity and not very slow compared to other free tools. If you experience any speed difference in browsing through Tor proxy and non-proxy browse, it is negligible because even paid tools show a reduction in browsing speed. This article is my review about Tor Proxy with Browser Bundle.

Requirements Before installing the best free proxy software on your computer, you must check the minimum requirements. You should make sure the OS version you are using is supported. You need Firefox browser and with Tor button extension you can toggle the status of Tor Proxy to either on or off.

Once the status is on, your browser starts to browse anonymously b…

Hide Computer Hard disk drive (C,D,E ,F-) Without Third Party Tools

If you want to hide a specific Hard Disk Drive from others on your computer, you can do it simply without using any third party tools. This trick works in Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP computers and all you have to do is to visit the Disk Management page. Here you will see an option to select the partition you want to hide. Select the letter assigned to the partition you want to hide and simply delete it. Now onwards Windows will not be able to access that drive and it will be hidden from everyone until you recreate it. For step by step instructions, keep reading.

How to Hide Hard Disk Drive in Windows OS
Right Click on My Computer

Click on Manage

Now computer management Window will be opened.

Click on Disk Management

Now you should select the drive letter which you need to hide from the My Computer list. You should delete the drive from Disk Management to disable it and make it completely inaccessible for Windows. You must understand by deleting a partition, you are going to lose the data …

HP Mini 5103 Business Netbook Review

HP released their new mini laptop, HP Mini 5103. Unlike traditional netbooks, HP Mini 5103 is considered as a business netbook due to its professional look. It has DDR3 RAM with the latest Atom processor ( Atom N475) with 1.83 GHz speed. It has two versions with and without a touch screen. Non-touch screen version has to start weight of 2.64 lb (1.2 kg) while the version with a touch screen has 2.86 lb (1.3 kg). It is available with Atom N475 and Atom N455 (1.66 GHz) processors. This netbook is available with Windows 7 premium, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and Free DOS. So customers have choices to select their own Operating System. This HP netbook has a wireless adapter compatible with 802.11 b/g/n/a.

HP Mini 5103 Business Mini Laptop configuration:

Now let us consider the overall configuration of this model. It has Intel Atom Processor N475 or Intel Atom Processor N455 and having 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (1333 MHz ). It has a storage space of 160GB to 320GB (7200rpm). There is an external VGA m…

Turn Off IE Message To make Internet Explorer as Default Web Browser

This is newbie trick to turn Off IE Message to make Internet Explorer as Default Web Browser on your computer while you start Internet Explorer. Many users don't like to set Internet Explorer as their default browser and they set another favorite browser as their default browser. So when they start Internet Explorer, IE checks whether it is set as the default browser or not. If IE found it is not the default browser, it will prompt them to set Internet Explorer as the default browser.

Stop IE from prompting you to set Internet Explorer as the default Browser

We can stop IE from asking the same question by changing simple settings. Steps are:

1. Start Internet Explorer

2. Click on Tools

3. Click on Internet Options

4. On the tab click on Programs

In order to prevent Internet Explorer from asking the same question to make it as the default browser, we need to uncheck the checkbox"Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser". After unchecking the checkbox we…

I Cannot Go Online - Issues With Accessing Internet

For an average home user, one of the most frustrating networking experience may be Internet connectivity issues. When I started my computer networking career in a network support center most complaints I received as the low-level technician were related to issues with going online like "I cannot go online after installing your device in my home network!". Even now this blog gets most comments and emails are about Internet connectivity issues. Maybe the situations are different like adding a new router or changing the ISP but the end problem is issues with accessing the Internet. So I decided to write an article which combines most of my other Internet connectivity guides in plain English to ensure the assistance to even newbies.

Cannot go online -A Complete Troubleshooting Guide
Here I am presenting common scenarios where you are not able to go online.

Scenario 1. Websites like Google, Yahoo etc are not Loading in Browser

In this scenario, you are not able to access any web…

Set Latest Blog Post Title As FeedBurner email Headline

I have enabled email subscriptions (powered by FeedBurner) for a few weeks ago. Though I have configured it, I didn't check it personally and was unaware of its looks in readers point of view. Yesterday only I checked it and found several issues with the default configuration. At first, I checked the feeds sent from Feedburner to reader's email account. Heading of every email sent by them is "Internet Technology Blog". It is the title of and I want to set the blog post title instead of my blog title for each mail. I doubt most of the readers may find them as duplicate posts and may not open. I decided to check whether there any method to set post headline as the title of the emails sends. There is a special setting to set post headline as the heading for FeedBurner subscription emails under settings in FeedBurner account. Steps are simple and you do not need high technical know how to do it by yourself.

How to set FeedBurner email su…

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