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Get Important Data While Chatting in Gtalk from Google Talk Guru

Google Talk Guru is an experimental service to provide important Search Results (may be most common search results ) in Gtalk itself. The concept is like you are chatting with your friend in Gtalk and you want to know the current status of your favorite sports or the weather in a city at the same time. You do not need to go to Search by leaving the messenger to obtain this information. Google Talk Guru will tell you the current status of your favorite sports or the weather details in Gtalk itself. To get this service you should invite Google Talk Guru to chat with you. You can do it by login to Gtalk and invite to chat with you. You can use specific commands to obtain results from it. The list of commands provided below. According to this, if you want to get weather details of Delhi, you can type it as weather Delhi. You will get the current weather details from Google Talk Guru. In the same way, you can get the definition of any word by using the command Defi

Compare LG Optimus 3D & HTC Sensation -Best Smart Phone Option

Both these phones (LG Optimus and HTC Sensation) have an element of 3D technology, though the LG’s pure 3D screen is more technologically forward thinking than the Sensation’s 3D graphics. However, the two are also part of the new generation of dual-core phones – so let’s compare them. Compare Processor of LG Optimus and HTC Sensation The Optimus has a dual-core 1GHz chip with 512mb of RAM whereas the Sensation is running 1.2GHz with 768mb of RAM. On paper and in real life the Sensation is the more powerful device and this does give it a lead. In real life, both are very powerful and there is little in the way of lag in either machine, making this fact not so much of an issue. Camera Quality This does offer a different story; the camera of Optimus is a notable 3D flasher, meaning it has two lenses for recording in 3D. Both can record 1080p, though the Optimus also records 3D in 720p for play on the screen. The LG though does have a 5mp as opposed to the Sensation’s 8mp camera

How to Play Angry Birds Game without Downloading

Angry Birds is one of the famous SmartPhone game (mostly famous among Android users ) developed by Rovio Mobile and have millions of fans. Traditional Angry Birds game needs you to download the software to your Smartphone and install it before playing. Now they introduced a web-based Angry Birds game where you do not need to download any software but just go directly to the web page and start playing. Another advantage of this web version is, you can run it on most of the browsers. Actually, this web version of Angry Birds is a Chrome App but it works on Firefox, Opera and even in Latest versions of Internet Explorer. However, it will not run on Internet Explorer 6 and below versions. How to Play Angry Birds Web-based Game It is same as traditional Angry Birds and some game controls are listed below. If you want to select a bird, you should click on it (left click) and drag it. To use the special powers of the birds, you should use left click. Key R is used to reset the game l

Don't Get Fooled by MacDefender a Fake Anti-Malware Program

It seems one of the old Windows-based malware tricks started targeting Mac users too. For last few weeks Macintosh users have been tricked by a malware named MacDefender and it seems the number of victims increases rapidly. The same program also appears in some other names like Mac Protector or Mac Security to trick. This software appears like a legitimate security program and prompts Macintosh users to install it by showing some fake malware alerts. Once the user installs the software, it starts asking them to register the program to remove the infected malware and ask credit card details to complete the registration. The same program is suspected to have the ability to steal your sensitive information stored and can disable any legitimate security programs installed. So your Mac will be vulnerable to more attacks in the future. How Fake MacDefender take control of your Mac This part shows how this fake MacDefender tricks Macintosh users to get installed. It is clearly underst

FTP Error 503 Login Authentication Failed

Yesterday while trying to access my web hosting account, I received an error message " 503 Login Authentication Failed ". I have been using FireFTP as my FTP client for one year and I never faced such an issue. I had been using FileZilla before migrating to FireFTP but it never showed such a problem. However, I do not believe it is an issue with FireFTP. I have checked the username, password and host address once again but they are correct. I tried to log in to web host account a few more times but received the same error. One time it showed a different alert with the same code. The new popup was " 503 Login error ". This tutorial explains the reasons and solution of " 503 Login Authentication Failed ". Since I was in a hurry, I couldn't troubleshoot the issue by myself. I deleted the entire FTP cache and entered the FTP server access details manually once again. This time I didn't face any trouble to access the web server. I have saved the scree

Use FireFTP To Move Files Between PC and Server

Today I am going to introduce one free FTP program called FireFTP from one Mozilla team. Right now I am using this tool for uploading and downloading the file from my web server. There is no need to read so many tutorials to operate this tool because it was very clean and simple user interface. Installation of FireFTP is very simple which takes less than a minute and there is no complicated license agreement. We are free to use this FTP program for personal as well as business requirements. The only requirement is the Firefox Browser because it is a Mozilla Add-on. Though this tool is free, you can donate to the developing team if you wish and have that facility there. It has almost all features of any paid FTP programs. Download and Install FireFTP Since we have such a wonderful free tool to upload and download files from the web server, there won't be no reason to don't try it.  It is a free Mozilla Addon and you can get it on your PC by following the steps below. O

My Blog Crossed 100000 Page Views Per Month

First of all, I would like to say thanks to all my blog readers who helped me to achieve the goal of 100000 Page Impressions per month. Right now successfully maintains 100000 page views per month for one month and I would like to share this happy news with all my blog's readers. With more than 72K visits, this blog received more than 100K Page impressions in this month and I can proudly say now joined 100K club. I would like to share the screenshots from Google analytics for my readers. I hope my success will inspire other newbie bloggers and I am grateful if this can bring more passionate bloggers. I saw the 100K cross one month ago but I want to make sure it is not just a temporary effect. So I decided to wait for at least one month to make sure it is not just a temporary effect. Now with one month steady analysis of received page impressions, I can state that my blog is getting 100K Page views per month. This is the traffic graph f

TTL Expired in Transit - Reason and Solution

TTL Expired in Transit is one of the common error messages you may receive while you ping a remote host. This tutorial explains what does this error message " TTL Expired in Transit " actually means and how to solve it. In simple words, TTL Expired in Transit tells the Time To Live value set for the ping packets reduced to zero while traveling through the network before reaching the destination. Let us check the reasons for this issue and how to fix it. TTL value set on a packet in a way to reduce it by one when the packet passes through a hop in the network. For example, if the Time To Live value on a packet is 3, it will pass through 3 hops. In the third hope, the TTL value reduces to become zero. So, what happens when TTL expires? The packet will not travel to the next hop. This procedure helps to avoid the infinite looping of packets. Possible Reasons for TTL Expired in Transit Let us check the reasons for receiving the ping reply TTL Expired in Transit.

Getting Error 678 The Remote Computer did not Respond

Today morning my friend tried to access Internet with his BSNL Broadband connection but failed. Whenever he tried to connect to Internet, he is getting an error message "Error 678 The remote computer did not respond". This issue persists even after an hour so he called me for a solution. Since he is using BSNL broadband, we checked their user manual and this error code is explained in it. Error 678 is due to poor connectivity and most probably modem is the actual reason behind it. The poor connectivity can be due to faulty Ethernet cable, loose connection between modem and computer or even the modem might be corrupted. Some other possible reasons (other than modem faults and connectivity issues) are TCP/IP issues, Firewall blocking or Malicious programs run. This tutorial gives extended support to understand and fix error 678. The steps provided here are applicable to all types of modems. Error 678 "The remote computer did not respond" As we said before the

How to Reset Winsock On Your Computer -Windows Socket Reset

Windows Socket or commonly called Winsock is a program interface if Windows Operating system through which applications installed send and receive signals from the Internet. For example, an Internet application installed on your computer can connect to TCP/IP only through Winsock. So any issues with Windows Socket can interrupt the working of online applications on your PC. Winsock is the short form of Windows Socket and it is very important in network communication. Any TCP/IP communication from Windows computer is defined by Windows Socket and that is why resetting it fixes many network related issues. Here I am planning to provide the step by step instructions to reset Winsock for a computer. Steps to Reset Winsock Click on  Start Open Command prompt This step various depends on the Windows Version you are using in your computer. In Windows XP you can type cmd on Run window and click OK to access the command prompt. In Windows 7 and 8 computers, you can search for comma

How to Promote a Health Related Website in Google & Other Search Engines

Website promotion is not a complicated strategy but needs lots of attention and care to get the maximum results. Professional web promotion could be made efficient only by taking enough time to research on the topic. You should consider your niche important rather than proven ideas in marketing; for example, you cannot follow the promotional idea of a health website to promote your technology website and vice-versa. A promotional or marketing strategy which is proven does not apply globally for every product or service. Here comes the importance of research. Before attempting to promote your site in Search Engines (Eg: Google, Yahoo, Bing ) you should have a clear idea on what you are doing. To market a beauty or health-related site you should have a clear idea on the niche. When it comes to beauty skin care, most women are interested in and therefore marketing and promotions should be centered on women. Online promotion for health and beauty sites could be made efficient by conce

What is TCP Split Handshake Attack and How it affect Server Security

Computer network and IT Security professionals know the furious discussion going on about the last NSS lab report. This report is about the recent experiment they have conducted with popular security products. They tested different security products in 6 different situations and one of them "TCP Split Handshake Attack" was very successful for most of the products they have tested. They successfully breached the security of most of the Firewall products from different vendors using TCP Split Handshake Attack method. So what is TCP Split Handshake Attack? How it is a threat for current network? If we refer RFC 793 we can see how a TCP connection is established. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a connection-oriented protocol and thus it needs a handshaking process to establish a successful connection. Diagram provided below explains the working of a handshake process. What is TCP Handshake? Before we go to Transmission Control Protocol Split Handshake, we should

How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router By Manual Steps

I started my computer networking career by supporting SOHO products mainly Linksys wireless products. I was assigned to a networking division which handled mainly Linksys wireless router. There I assisted clients to implement Linksys wireless routers in their already existing networks or to start a new network with them. I wrote many articles to set up various models of Linksys wireless routers and I think it will be useful if I join all of the guides in a single post. Later in my career, Cisco bought Linksys and it becomes Linksys Cisco. With the guidance of Cisco, they introduced many high-quality products in market. Most of the Linksys wireless router's have similar kind of configuration steps but some models have a different procedure. Here in this tutorial, we can see a common setup guide for most of the models. Manual Steps to Setup Linksys Wireless Router Check Internet Connection : Make sure your computer is online with ISP Modem. Connect your PC directly to the mod

Disable JavaScript Based Web Protection From Google Chrome Browser

JavaScript is used for many websites to protect their content and images from being copied. Though their intention is good, it can be disturbing for readers. Sometimes, webmasters go to the extent where a user cannot even right click or select content from the web page. Some Webmasters code JavaScript in a way to create pop-ups which prevent the user-friendly nature. Another misuse of the script is to force users to click the next button to read more about the news because the content is shown as slides. In Firefox, it is very easy to turn off Script but in Chrome the option is hidden. This tutorial explains different methods to disable JavaScript based protection on a website from Google Chrome. Disable JavaScript from Google Chrome Shortcut You can turn off JavaScript from the Properties option of Google Chrome Shortcut. To do this you should right click on the Chrome shortcut on the desktop and click on properties. Step by step instructions is given below. Click on Shortcu

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