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How to Configure Reliance DSL Broadband Modem

Reliance Broadband is one of the leading private DSL connections in India. Usually, they supply a modem which will be configured by Reliance technician at your place, and you do not need to worry about the setup procedure. However, there are instances where you may need to reset the modem or change any default settings by yourself. You will face connectivity issues if you do not know how to set up Reliance DSL modem after having manual changes.

Here I provide you the guidelines to configure every Reliance Broadband Modem models by yourself. This article provides step by step guidelines to set up Reliance DSL broadband modem by your self.

Though I have added screenshots in this tutorial, you should note that different modem models have different user interfaces.

Manual Setup Guide for Reliance Broadband Modem Manual steps to configure Reliance DSL Broadband Modem are:
Connect Modem to Computer :
You should connect the LAN port of the Modem to a computer using an Ethernet cable (RJ45) …

Change Wireless Network Name (SSID) On D-Link Router and Hide Network

One week ago one of my friends called me to fix wireless network issues at his home. He told me that his computer was receiving good network signals but once a while his device was getting disconnected without any reasons. I asked him whether his PC connected to the right network. His answer was yes. He had a D-Link router, and the wireless network name (SSID) was dlink. He was pretty sure his laptop was connected to the right network since the SSID was the same name configured on his D-Link router.

I asked him to switch off the router and check if he could connect to it. He did the same. Still, he was connected. It was another network his computer connected to with the same SSID.

To avoid this type of mistakes, you should change the default Wireless Network Name with a unique name. To change the SSID on D-Link Wireless Router, follow the steps below.

If you are looking for steps to configure Internet, follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to Setup D-Link WiFi Router
How …

A Network Cable is Unplugged

Today we are discussing one of the minor error messages you may have faced before. That error message is A network cable is unplugged. As compared to the other error messages we discussed before, it is not a big deal. In most cases, a simple loose connection can be the reason. Sometimes, this alert may create some confusion for you. If you are connected to the Internet by a wireless connection, this alert can make you confused. One of my friends told me even if he was using the wireless network to go online he received this alert.

He usually avoids this alert A network cable is unplugged because he can go online even though the alert message is there. This article explains this error and teaches you how to fix it.

Major reasons to get the alert A network cable is unplugged are listed below.

Reasons for the alert A network cable is unpluggedEthernet Cable is not connected properly(loose connection)

Unused Ethernet Adapters are enabled: One of the most common reasons to get the alert A …

How to Update The D-Link Router Firmware to the Latest version

Router manufacturers release new firmware version with patches for the bugs and errors reported in the past versions. So it is a good practice to verify your D-Link wireless Router runs on the latest firmware version released. In addition to the security benefits, upgrading firmware on router or Access Point can resolve many connectivity and performance issues. You can check whether your D-Link device is having the latest version from the web-based setup page. There is an important point you should remember while uploading firmware.

 You should connect the D-link router to the PC using an Ethernet cable. Steps to check the current firmware version on the D-Link router and update it to the latest version are provided below.

Steps to Update D-Link Router Firmware
Log on to D-link Router:
Type on Browser address bar and press enter. When prompted, enter admin as username and leave password field blank. To learn more about this click on the link below.
How to Login and Setup D…

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