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How to Find Fastest DNS Server for Your Computer

Website loading speed on a PC is very much influenced by the response time of the DNS server it uses. Even if you have high bandwidth Internet connection, a crappy DNS server can ruin the benefits. It is because your computer needs to communicate with Domain Name System server to convert the domain name you type on the address bar of a browser to the respective IP address. If you type the IP address on the browser address bar instead of domain name, you do not need Domain Name System server but most users (including me) use URL of the website to reach it. So you cannot avoid the importance of using fast Domain Name System server. By default, every computer uses the domain name system details provided by the ISP. It is a very controversial topic whether the ISP domain conversion or other open DNS servers work better. There are so many options available for a user if he feels his ISP is providing a slower domain to IP conversion. If you are not sure which server is best suited for you …

Set Firefox Check Web Server Certificate Mandatory to Ensure Security

We are living in a world where security and user-friendly concepts fight each other. If one system is secure, definitely it will lack user-friendly nature. If one system is user-friendly, then it should suffer some security flaws. Reason for I am saying this is, many users (average users) want to use software or services without any troubles in terms of security. In the case of web security, as a normal user, it is our duty to ensure that the websites we are visiting have proper security certificates and safe to browse. One of the most recognized schemes for maintaining the security of a website is OCSP. OCSP stands for Online Certificate Status Protocol and it checks the status of the web server security certificate. There are 3 common responses usually get and they are currently expired, or unknown. If you are really concern about web safety, it is your duty to ensure that your browser always checks the certificate status of the website you are visiting. By default most browsers (I…

Guide to Promote Your Local Business in Internet Successfully

If you are a local business owner, it is the right time to promote it on Internet and develop it. Many still think like their business has nothing to do with the Internet or other online technologies because their service is purely nontechnical and has no relation to Internet. This old concept is changing rapidly due to the introduction of Google Places. Google places allowed small business owners to project them with contact information in Google with the exact location. In developed countries, people search in Google for local services and any small business owner can take advantage of it. If you provide an awesome service to your customers they will definitely write good reviews about you and that will lead more customers.

How to Promote Local Business in Internet
If you own a website to give online exposure for your local business, there are some important points which you should never avoid. If you are really serious with your website and want to bring potential customers, you sh…

Reverse Image Search to Find Source of a Picture

Yesterday I found one interesting image (an excellent cartoon work by a genius mind) on my friend's laptop. I asked him where did he get it. Unfortunately, he didn't know the source and there was not much information available to find the original website which hosts this cartoon. Even the image's name was not very much helpful because it was the combination of some numbers. There was no trademark or logo on that picture which made it extremely difficult to find out the actual place from where he downloaded it. The only option left was to do a reverse image search and find out its source. Google seems not much help in terms of reverse photo search (update: this statement is no longer valid). So I started checking for other online services which offer reverse image search to find the source from where this photo is downloaded.

Online Tools to do Reverse Image Search
This article introduces some of the best free online tools which help you to conduct a reverse picture searc…

Change the Frequency of Automatic Java Update Check or Disable it Permanently

My brand new laptop has Windows firewall as the default firewall. It does a good job in blocking unknown activities but recently I am facing issues with certain applications. Whenever a program tries to get updates from Internet, Windows firewall prevents it until I manually allow the update. When the process is blocked, firewall freeze my laptop until I click either allow or deny. It is not a problem because that is exactly what a firewall does and we can overcome this issue by settings exception rule for that application. Most of the regular application updates are set in Firewall exceptions rule but still some issues with Avast Update alert, Java alert etc. Certain applications are not working properly with the exception rules I have created and the most disturbing one is Java.

The real problem with automatic Java update is the freezing of my computer until I click Allow or disallow. Personally, I don't want my laptop gets it every time because most times the updates come whil…

Google Says Bye to Gears from Chrome Browser and Stop Support

The history of Gears starts from 2007 where Google started it as an open project for browsers to bring some new features like what Yahoo intended with BrowserPlus. The features provided by Google Gears helped browsers to improve themselves. Google Gears make sure the web applications are more interactive with Desktop and store data locally in a fully searchable database. It lets JavaScript run in the background and it improved the overall performance. Some other features include geolocation of user (only with user permission), Dividing a larger file into smaller pieces and upload (blob) etc. Anyway now Google is saying goodbye to Google Gears as they are not going to release newer versions anymore.

Right now Google Gears support Firefox (Versions 1.5-3.6) and Internet Explorer (Version 6.0-8.0). The Operating Systems which support Gears are Android, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. MAC Snow Leopard and Linux. To check whether your browser is Gear installed, Go to the link below.


There is no Alarm Shortcut in Android -- Missing Alram in Home

Another important feature (at least for me) I found missing in my Android Phone Samsung Galaxy 551 is the alarm shortcut. Last night I tried my best to find and set it on my phone home but failed. At first, I was totally disappointed with issues disconnecting a call in this handset and now it is about setting Alarm shortcut in phone home. The only way I can access Alarm in my phone is via Clock App and there is no way to get it at home. I am using Android Froyo and I hope Google may fix this issue in Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) version. This blog post is just to show my anger only and I must say it is not a technical tip post or technology news. Before proceeding, you must understand I am a newbie in android right now.

How to Access Alarm in Android Froyo
I tried different methods to access it but all failed except one. The only way to access Alarm in Android Froyo is via Clock. Steps to set Alarm in Android 2.2 are:

1. Go to Applications

2. Click on Clock

3. Access Alarm

How to Get the A…

Getting 3 Beeps as Boot Error code and Computer Failed to Start

It is easy to detect issues which prevent a PC from booting due to faulty RAM module installed. Three continues beep sounds with repetition while booting your computer is a common error code given by motherboard to inform memory issues. It tells, PC failed to achieve successful POST (Power On Self Test)due to issues with RAM installed. This error code is specifically for the computer with Intel motherboard to show POST issues when it failed to detect RAM. This will be like beep, beep, beep [Pause] and then repeat the same pattern. This guide explains how to handle such a situation where your laptop failed to start with three beep sounds.

Solve Three Beep Sounds
To troubleshoot this issue, we need to open the PC cabinet. So if you do not know the basic computer architecture, I recommend you to ask someone who knows it to perform the following steps.

Power Off your computer and unplug the power cable

Open system cabinet

Unplug the RAM Module from the slots

Clean both the module and the slo…

How to Disconnect a Call in Android Phone

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 551 while hearing the features and many good reviews. It supports 3G and the OS is Android Froyo. Processor speed is 667 MHz and supports up to 32 GB storage. Wi-Fi is pretty good as it supports all major wireless standards (802.11 b/g/n ). Here I am talking about an issue I faced with Samsung Galaxy 551 (Samsung I5510). After purchasing this phone I received a call from one of my friend. After finishing the call he dumped his phone elsewhere without disconnecting it. This time I really surprised because there is no button or symbol to disconnect the call from my end. I saw a disconnect symbol while I attend the call but I moved from that screen to a different screen while checking a number stored in phone memory. So I missed the disconnect symbol and there is no way to go back to that symbol again. No visible touch screen option or no hardware button to end the call in this Samsung Galaxy phone set. You can understand my frustration after the realization…

Internet Explorer 9 does not support Windows XP - Features of IE9

Microsoft is going to announce the arrival of Internet Explorer 9 soon but gives sad news for Windows XP users. Internet Explorer (IE9) 9 is not for Windows XP users. Internet Explorer 9 supports only Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It seems some of the new features added in Internet Explorer 9 has no room in Windows XP like the ability to pin a website into Windows taskbar and enable the websites to act like an installed program in Windows Vista and Windows 7. This pinned site feature in Internet Explorer 9 Seems a nice idea which encourages website owners to create more interactive web-based applications for Windows users who use IE9.

Speed, performance and Security Features of IE 9

IE9 is using a faster JavaScript Engine called Chakra and MS claims IE9 is faster than most other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc. Another feature added in Internet Explorer 9 is a downloaded manager which enable users to stop, pause and restart a download and inform users whether th…

Get Standalone Blog Editor With Firefox Browser

How about using a standalone editor for your blog to write a new post? ScribeFire offers a Mozilla Firefox add-on, which lets users write new blog posts using the browser itself without using the default text editor provided by your CMS platform.  You do not worry about the limited facilities you are getting while using the default editor. This new addon is feature rich and helps you to improve the quality of your publishing articles. This new editor is fully featured with image uploading, YouTube video integration etc. At the first time when we start using ScribeFire editor, we need to set up this tool for our blog account. Right now it supports following platforms.


2. LiveJournal

3. Xanga

4. Windows Live Spaces

5. Performancing

6. Jeeran

7. Tumblr

8. MySpace

9. b2Evolution

10. Splinde

11. Drupal

12. Blogger

After configuring ScribeFire with your blog, you can start to write and publish posts using this editor. You may find the new tool very useful and feature rich.…

Read Your Favorite Blog Updates in Google Reader like Magazine

If you are using Google reader to subscribe and read updates from your favorite websites and blogs, you should use Feedly to get a better reading experience. Feedly provides a totally different reading experience by arranging all your subscriptions in a single window which resembles a magazine. All your favorite updates are arranged according to the priority and it will be easy for you to check the recent posts from the list. There is a Feedly plugin for Mozilla Firefox to power Google feed-reader with Feebly service. If you would like to read recent posts from your favorite website in a Magazine style, I suggest you add this plugin to your Firefox browser.

Read Your Favorite Updates in a Magazine like Start
In order to read the latest posts from your favorite websites in a magazine like a start page in Firefox, you may install Feedly plugin. To perform this you should go to the Firefox add-ons page and follow the steps below.

1. Click on Add to Firefox

2. Click on allow to install th…

XULRunner Error: Platform Version '' is not Compatible with minVersion

Yesterday night while updating Firefox to latest version, my laptop battery went down and it automatically turned off. Today morning when I double click on browser shortcut, it showed an error message XULRunner Error: Platform version '' is not compatible with minVersion >= maxVersion <= and failed to start. It is the first time I am seeing such an error in my life. So I searched for it with the numbers shown in the message. There are many websites which explain it. This XULRunner error code is due to the corrupted installation of Firefox browser on my laptop. If you are not familiar with this message, have a look at the picture given below.

So what is XULRunner and how it is important for an average user? The answer is provided in the Mozilla database. It is a run time environment developed by Mozilla to provide a common back-end for XUL applications designed for Firefox. Some XUL Applications are Songbird music player, Elixon WCMS/XUL etc.

How t…

Combine All Open Chrome Browser Windows By Single Click

While browsing, we may get into a situation of handling multiple browser windows with multiple tabs. If you have multiple windows of same browser opened, you may face trouble handling them. It would be nice to have a feature to join all the open windows together for better management. Fortunately, we can join all open browser windows together on Google Chrome very easily. There is an extension which helps users to merge all open pages together and it is named as JoinTabs. It combines all open windows into a single chrome window by a simple procedure. We can do it either by GUI method or by shortcut key method. Let us check the installation and working of JoinTabs extension.

How to Install Join Tabs Visit the following page on Google Chrome

Click on Plus button

If you have the older version of JoinTabs, you may see the below screen.

Here you should click on the install button.

After installing Join…

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