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How to Prevent Copying Files to USB Drive From Computer Without Disable USB Port

Today early morning one of my friends called me for urgent help. He is working as a System Administrator for a small company and wants to disable copying files from working computer to USB drives (pen drives). I told him to disable the USB port and fix the issue. Then he said according to the company policy he cannot disable it. He wants the computer should read files from the USB drive but no file transfer to it from computer hard disk. So, in a nutshell, he wants to read files from the portable storage drive on his company computers but does not want to copy files from his company computer to the USB drive. He is confused that if it is possible to block writing files to the portable memory storage without preventing the PC from reading it.

I too at first confused with this strange company policy. Then I realize, it is very simple to do. We can enable write protection on USB by GP edit or Registry Edit. If Write Protect is enabled on Universal Serial Bus, the computer can read files…

What is Overclocking and how it reduces the cost of system upgrade

The title of the post is just interesting as it says the importance of overclocking our computer and increase the performance of the system than the manufacturers' expectations. But before we start overclocking it is better to know what actually mean overclocking. Overclocking is the tweaking of your computer and optimize it for better performance. In simple words, by overclocking we are utilizing the maximum possible performance of our computer. In case of running applications on our computer which requires more computing power than our computer offered, we should think about overclocking our system. It is always better to have a try to improve the performance of our computer than the costly hardware upgrading.

Risks and negative side of overclocking Overclocking has some negative side too. They are:

1. Warranty issue

By overclocking we are running a computer component at a specification higher than rated by the manufacturer and it may affect the warranty issued by them. In case…

How to Fix Disk Boot Failure -Insert System Disk Error On a Windows PC?

In today's tutorial, we discuss one of the common computer error messages Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and press enter. It prevents a computer from booting up. This article explains the troubleshooting steps I did on my friend's Windows computer to fix the Disk Boot Failure. Before jumping into the solution for Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter error, let us check the reasons for this problem and how to prevent it.

Which Are The Reasons to Get Disk Boot Failure Error?
Let us check the reasons for showing the error Disk Boot Failure or Disk Boot Failure - Insert System Disk while booting a computer.
Faulty BIOS Settings and a wrong boot sequence

Damaged Hard Disk Drive(HDD) on your computer

Loose connections and Motherboard issues

Hardware and Software conflicts

A corrupted OS or Improper Disk partitions

How do I fix Disk Boot Failure - Insert System Disk?
You can fix Disk Boot Failure on your Windows computer by following the steps we have provided be…

Configure D-Link Wireless Access Point DWL-G700AP by Setup Wizard

D-Link is one of the leading Wireless Access Point manufacturers and DWL-G700AP is one of its popular AP. In this article, you will learn the steps to configure the D-Link Wireless Access Point model DWL-G700AP in simple steps. Since Access Points do not have a DHCP server, before configuring the Access Point we need to assign a static IP address to your computer. After assigning a static IP address to your computer, connect DWL-G700AP Access Point to your computer using an Ethernet cable.

How to setup DWL-G700AP by Running-Wizard

To configure DWL-G700AP follow the steps below.

Assign static IP address on your computer

If there is no other DHCP server connected to your computer you need to assign a static IP address to your computer. It should be in the range of 192.168.0.X

Where X should be between 1 to 254 except 50. To learn how to assign a static IP address to your computer click the link below.
Assign Static IP Address From Command Prompt

Connect your computer to D-Link Access Poin…

Intel D945GCNL Motherboard Reviews & Download Latest Driver

This is the continuation of my motherboard review series and here let us review Intel D945GCNL. You might be interested to know the features and supporting processors along with the downsides of it. At the end of the guide, I provide the link to download the latest driver for D945GCNL. Now let us start this review with the list of supported processors and they are given below.

Processors Supported by Intel D945GCNL Motherboard Core™2 Duo processor,

Pentium® D processor

Pentium® 4 processor

Celeron® D processor

The RAM module which is supported by Intel D945GCNL is DDR2 with a frequency of 533 MHz and DDR2 with 667 MHz. It is noted that Intel D945GCN motherboard supports up to 2 GB system RAM. Any more memory modules will be ignored.

Peripheral Interfaces One serial port

Four Serial ATA interfaces

One parallel port

One Parallel ATA IDE interface with UDMA 33, ATA-66/100 support

PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

One diskette drive interface

Eight USB ports
Downsides of Intel D945GCNL Motherboard
It is …

I forgot my Laptop password and I can't access my files

Yesterday night my friend called me. His sister just finished her project work on her laptop and to protect the files she changed the password of her Laptop. After changing the password she is not able to log on to her Laptop. It is a Windows XP Laptop and only one user account is there. What she was telling is the Laptop is not accepting her new password and old password. She told me, tomorrow she should present the project in her college and there are no backup files. At first, we tried some possible passwords and they were not working. Then I told them to restart the Laptop and when the Laptop start booting press [F8] button. My intention was just to get the default Windows administrator account and hope they didn't set a password. They started booting their computer and get into the safe mode. They saw the hidden Windows admin account and log on to it[ Thanks to the guy who installed OS on her laptop as there is no password].

[ If you need to enable Windows hidden administrat…

Steps to disable Windows Messenger through Group Policy editor in XP

Update: Microsoft has lifted their support for this product by April 2013 and recommends users to migrate to Skype. Though this tutorial has lost its importance, I am keeping it on CoreNetworkZ with a legacy status due to the volume of traffic this tutorial generated.

This tutorial explains how to disable Microsoft Windows Messenger (WM) on your  XP computer via Group Policy Editor. Before proceeding to the steps to turn off this application, you must learn about it. It is an Instant Message service program designed by Microsoft Corporation. Just like popular IP Messenger, this program also helps to send instant messages to another device in the same network. Though this application is very much useful for people in a LAN, it can disturb single users. It may generate pop-ups related to this application and its uses and that might irritate users who are not interested to use it. If you are one among them, read the steps explained to disable Windows Messenger from Group Policy Editor.


Router Shows Wireless Packet Drops

Yesterday I faced packet loss issues with a wireless router in my home. My laptop is successfully connected to the router via wireless but with lesser speed than normal. At first, I thought it is because of the slower Internet connection. I tested my desktop computer with a modem and find out that the Internet is working fine. Since the connection to the modem is perfect, I tested the connection to the router. I connected my desktop computer to the router using an Ethernet cable but couldn't find any speed difference. It is working fine but when I switched to WiFi, it is again slow. I repeated the steps on the laptop and pinpoint the reason. Wireless is acting strange and it is the packet losing issue. This article tells how to deal with packet losing issues by explaining the possible solutions. For your information, I use WRT54G  from Linksys in the home.

Fix Wireless Packet Losing Power cycle

We need to unplug the power cable from the router and wait for 30 sec. After 30 seconds y…

Upgrade Linksys Wireless Access Point WAP54G Firmware

WAP54G is a popular Access Point (AP) from Linksys. We can configure it in different modes depends on the network needs. This guide tells the importance to keep update the firmware of WAP54G Access Point with the latest released version. It is important because outdated firmware can cause wireless connectivity issues and the newer version has a fix for known bugs. Now let us check the procedure to perform it.

Steps to update Linksys Access Point Firmware Download Linksys AP Firmware

To download Firmware we need to go to the Linksys support website. You can go to their support website by visiting the link below.


Enter the model number or the serial number of your Linksys AP on the Search box.

Here we type the model number and press enter. Now we will be moved to Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G product page.

Click on Get Downloads

We need to select the version number of the AP. After selecting the version, the Firmware download link will …

Clear Saved Cookies & History From Firefox 3.5 & Latest Versions

This is one of my old article about clearing cookies on Firefox browser when Mozilla team updated the browser from a very common layout to a more complex layout. Since it is one of the most linked posts on this blog, I do not delete the old content but just improving the article with information about how to remove cookies and browsing history from latest versions. Right now it is very easy to find and delete saved private data with history from the current versions. Steps are:

Press [Alt] [T] button together and click on clear recent history

On the "Clear All History" window select cookies and click on clear now

I am a little bit surprised that in the new Firefox upgrade ( Firefox 3.5) Mozilla team hides the option to delete cookies from the main bar. I was trying to not upgrade my browser to Firefox 3.5 version but due to the lack of enough security updates, I forced to upgrade. In the earlier position of Clear Private Data in it is now changed with Start Private Browsing. S…

How to Insert AdSense Unit Between Blogger Post Title and Content

One of the hot spots to place AdSense ads on a blogger is between post title and content. If we place an ad unit below blog post title, it can attract maximum possible attention from visitors and thus have maximum Click Through Rate (CTR). Google has released an AdSense HeatMap to help users to understand the best placement locations on a web page. According to Google AdSense HeatMap, advertisement shown just below the post title and above content has maximum revenue potential. Now the big question, how to display advertisement unit just below blog post title on a Blogspot blog? This tutorial helps you to answer this question.

Show Advertisement Between Blogspot Post Title and Content Login to Blogspot account

Click Template

Click Edit HTML button

Check for the code

<div class='post-body entry-content'> <data:post.body/>
Place the converted (to escape characters) version of Google AdSense code above the code <data:post.body/>

To learn how to convert script in to…

How to install Guarddog Firewall on Ubuntu Linux

Even though the malware activities in Ubuntu Linux is less compared to Windows Operating Systems, it is highly recommended to install Firewall on your Ubuntu PC.  It helps you to prevent unauthenticated access to your computer from external networks like the Internet. Firewall is doing this duty by disabling unused ports on your PC and monitor the packets coming to your computer. In the basic firewall you will not have many features to control the activities of the application but in the advanced firewall, you can control the movement of each and every packet in your network. I personally recommend you to install Guarddog on your Ubuntu computer.

It is an advanced firewall with many options to control the firewall activities on your computer. The steps to install Guarddog on your Ubuntu computer are:

Steps to install Guarddog Firewall on your computer

To do this, follow the instructions provided below.
Click on Applications

Click on Accessories and Open Terminal

In Terminal type the fol…

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