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How to Check Virus infection On My Website - Reported Attack site

Yesterday night I actually shocked while seeing one of my websites is reported as an attack site (Not this blog). In Firefox I saw the message "Reported Attack Page" and blocked access to my website. When I search my website in Google I saw the following alert on my website "This site may harm your computer". When I click on the Google Search Result of my website, it leads to another page which says, Malware Warning. It clearly shows the presence of malware on my website and it may harm my readers' computer. So I log in to the server (last time I logged in before one year, that too just upload this website) and check the source code. I really surprised to see a bunch of malicious script in my web pages. I really don't know how it came to my website (unfortunately this is a tiny server and no access to log files). Anyway, here I am writing a standard procedure to handle virus infection in your website. There is no need to panic while seeing a virus infection

Another Instance of Firefox is Already Running

Yesterday I faced a strange issue on my computer. I was unable to close the Firefox browser opened in my computer. I clicked the close button but it was not working. It seems like the program is stuck and not responding. After some time, the browser closed but that was the beginning of another problem. I couldn't open it anymore. I double clicked the shortcut icon but it was not opening and showed an error message saying "another instance of Firefox is already running". Another Instance of Firefox is Already Running When I double clicked the shortcut icon, I received the message another instance of Firefox is already running. However, it was not open on my computer at that time. For my PC, this program was already running and there was no way to open another session. In reality, that program was not functioning at all. Solution Though the browser was not working, its process was active. I confirmed it by task manager and the only option to solve the issue was

Firmware Upgrade Guide - How to Upgrade Firmware of your Router , Modem etc

Most of the issues concerning Small Office Home Office (SOHO) devices like Wireless Router, Modem etc can be fixed by upgrading the firmware. Here I am pointing some of tips and steps to upgrade the firmware of your router. In order to upgrade your router or modem firmware, you may check the latest version of firmware available from the router manufacturer. Using third-party Firmware for your router to improve functionality Most of the time third-party firmware improve the efficiency of your router compared to the firmware released by your router manufacturer. If you choose another source (obviously trusted source) of firmware most of the time your router warranty will be void. I saw this when one of my friends upgraded a Linux based third-party firmware to his Linksys wireless router to achieve wireless router cascading feature. When his router has a complaint, Linksys refused to give an RMA to this router. What they said is the user is permitted to use Linksys Firmware for his

RegEdit Is Disabled By Administrator- Unlock RegEdit & Enable Registry Editor

Yesterday while typing regedit on run command I received the following error message: " Regedit is disabled by administrator ". I was not able to access my Registry Editor as it is totally disabled on my computer. I tried to check the group policy editor and check whether Registry editor is disabled in it. It is not disabled in Group Policy Edit. As malware infections can disable RegEdit, I did a full system scan using Antivirus installed. Unfortunately, the scan could not find any infection and failed to unlock RegEdit. So I search for this issue and found a few solutions to enable disabled Registry editor. One of them is a Run command solution to unlock it on my computer and this tutorial explains more about it. How to Unlock Disabled Registry Editor In order to unlock disabled registry editor, follow the steps below. Go to the Run Window (Press [Windows] + [R] ) Type following command and press enter REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Po

I Cannot Open a Folder By Clicking On It

Yesterday I found an issue with opening folders on my old desktop computer running on Windows XP Operating System. I failed to open folders with double click and instead of opening the folder it was showing a message " Choose the Program you want to open this file ". After seeing this message, I right clicked the folder and select the option Open from the menu but no difference at all. As a last resort, I tried the explore option and it granted me access to the folder. It was so frustrating and  I decided to find the actual reason by searching on technology forums and major knowledge bases to know why I cannot open the folder by double click and open option on right click menu. Major points, according to online communities which prevent a folder from opening, are registry issues and virus infection. Registry Fix to Issues With Opening a Folder by Double Click Registry error can prevent a folder from opening by double clicks on it. This section explains how it is happen

DOS Command To Open Command Prompt In Any Folder & Change Working Directory

Normally Windows DOS Prompt opens in Root directory only. Usually, the Primary drive(root) is C and command prompt is open from C drive like C:\. Though by default DOS opens in root drive only, we can make it open from any drive as we need. For a normal user, this article may not be very useful but if you want to run any script on DOS  which are directory specific, this tutorial will help you. We can change the DOS working directory by following any trick from a list of methods. There are registry tricks, CMD command,  Explorer trick etc to change the DOS root directory. In order to change your current DOS directory from C drive to D, use any of the methods listed below. Cmd Command to Open Command Prompt in Any Directory At first, we can use simple DOS trick to open Command Prompt in any directory. To change the working directory from C drive to D drive from DOS, follow the steps below. Start DOS (Assume C:\) Type cd /d d:\ and press enter Now your current working di

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Tutorials - PC Guide and Tips

As you know, is getting most of the traffic from search engines to find solutions for networking and hardware related issues. This blog has many tutorials which address the most common networking and hardware issues but I feel most of them are not well arranged for a new reader of this blog. So I decide to publish a new post which points some of our best tutorials to help our newbie readers. Here I present links to a list of selected popular tutorials to fix common computer hardware related troubles. I tried my best to explain the steps in layman's language without using jargon. Here you can click on the links to find respective articles depends on the issues you are facing. Disk Boot Failure If you are facing issues with booting your PC and get an error message of Disk Boot failure, I suggest you read my article. Cannot Start my PC - Disk Boot Failure S.M.A.R.T Command Failed Ever received an error message S.M.A.R.T Command failed in your laptop? If yes

Yahoo Messenger Hack to Open Webcam Without User Permission

By default, if any of your chat contact in Yahoo Messenger while chatting want to view your webcam, you need to give him permission to view it. It is because YM sets your webcam broadcasting option as always ask permission while others try to open it. If you are chatting with strangers it is always better to set the rule as "Always ask for my permission" while others try to watch you. However, if you are using it to chat with friends only and would like to grant them the privilege to open you whenever they want without waiting for your permission, you can set it as either "Always allow everyone to view my cam" or "Allow the following people to view my webcam". If you set the first option any of your chat contact {no need to be a  friend, someone in the chat room (no longer any public rooms)} can view your cam without your permission but in second option only certain privileged YM contacts can open it. Steps to Open Webcam to all Users In Yahoo Messeng

Linksys Wireless Configuration - Setup Linksys Products

Linksys is one of the leading Small Office Home Office device manufacturers. I wrote many tutorials which saying how to configure various Linksys wireless devices and now I would like to make a list of it. Here you can see my previous Linksys wireless product configuration tutorials. Linksys has a variety of wireless products like Wireless router , Wireless Access Point, Range Expander, Wireless Camera etc. Here I add my previous tutorials to configure these wireless devices by listing the links to the specific page. Some other tutorials are about how to troubleshoot Linksys Wireless products in your network. 1. Linksys Wireless Router Configuration Here I present Setup Guide of Linksys WRE54G Wireless Router, Linksys WRT160 Wireless N Router etc. 1. How to Setup Linksys WRT160N Wireless N Router 2. How to setup Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G in PPPOE 3. How to enter DNS Settings in Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router 4. Cannot access some websites through Linksys Router 5.

How to Configure Tata Mobile Broadband in Linux - Wireless USB Modem Hauwei,Sungill

It is not difficult to configure Mobile / Wireless broadband modems (including Tata Photon Plus modems) in Linux. Right after publishing the above post I received some emails about how to configure Tata Photon Plus USB modem on their Linux computer. So I decided to write this tutorial. In this tutorial, we can see how to configure Tata Indicom Mobiles / USB Modems on Linux and set up the Internet connection on your Linux computer. Before going through this how to configure Tata USB modem in Linux article, I recommend you to check your Tata Wireless Broadband USB modem compatibility in Linux. If your Tata Wireless USB modem is supported in Linux, we can configure it by following the steps mentioned below. Steps to Setup Tata Wireless Broadband USB modems in Linux 1. Connect Tata Wireless USB Modem to your computer Connect your Tata Wireless broadband USB modem to the USB port of your Linux computer. 2. Access Terminal You can access Terminal in your Linux computer by follo

Supported Tata Mobile Broadband USB Modem in Linux - Compatible Modems list

Many emails I received about the compatibility issues with Tata USB modems in Linux computers after writing my previous post How to Check Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage and Bills . So here I write the list of compatible Tata mobile and USB modems for your Linux computer. According to the Tata User Manual, following models support Linux. They are: Linux supported Tata Indicom Mobiles / USB Modems 1. All Nokia Models 2. Motorola (Models: MotoRazr / World phone) 3. Pantech (models: PA711 / PA715 Slider ) 4. LG models - 5235, 6335, 350T Walky 5. Samsung models - Wideo, DUO, T-Nimbus 6. Huawei models: EC-321 / EC-325 7. Sungill models - USB Modem Plug2surf Linux Versions which support Tata USB modems are: The above USB modems are supported in the following version of Linux. They are: 1. Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 & above 2. Fedora Core 5,6 & above 3. SUSE Desktop Linux 9,10 & above 4. Debian Linux 5,6 & above 5. Ubuntu Linux 5,6 & above S

How to Turn Off Google Instant Search

Google always surprise us by introducing newer user-friendly features. Right now they have introduced a new feature called Google Instant Search. It gives us results even before we finish typing our search query and it shows most relevant results by analyzing the keywords we type instantly. So practically, Search Engine is not waiting for us to press enter key to show us the results for our search query. Google claims, its new feature helps us to save our time searching by providing instant search results even before we finish typing. The first beneficiary of this new feature was US users but now it is extended to all users. Supported browsers for Google Instant Currently, not all browsers support this feature. Following browsers support Google Instant without any issue. Chrome v5/6 and higher versions, Firefox v3 and higher versions, Safari v5 for Mac and higher versions Internet Explorer v8 and higher versions Will Google Instant Search Consume too much bandwi

7 Best Download Managers (Free & Paid)

Download managers are software programs designed to handle the downloading and uploading of files on the Internet. The best download managers offer features such as pausing and resuming the transferring large files; handle errors during download while maintaining the data already downloaded; get multiple files simultaneously; performing scheduled downloads; downloading from multiple sites and/or via different connections to transfer the file from server to PC  more quickly; and other features. This post highlights the 7 top download managers and describes their features. Here you can see some of the industries best-rated products both free and paid. 1. FlashGet FlashGet is one of the top download managers and boasts the highest number of users of its product on the Internet. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports a number of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, eMule, BitTorrent, MMS, and RTSP. FlashGet increases data transfer speed by using Multi-server Hyper-

Activate Disabled WiFi On BSNL Wireless Modem

BSNL is the leading Internet Service Provider in India. They offer wireless modem with routing capability for their users. Since the modem has DHCP server, users can connect multiple computers to it both by using Ethernet cable and WiFi. This tutorial explains how to manage BSNL WiFi by tweaking it. Issues like disabled WiFi and weak network security are addressed in this guide. It also explains the steps required to enable disabled WiFi functionality on a BSNL modem and strengthen the protection by preventing unauthorized people from accessing it. Steps to Manage Wireless in BSNL Wireless Modem Login Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter. Now you need to enter the user name and password set for your BSNL modem. By default it is: Username: admin Password: admin Click on Configuration Click on Wireless Network Here you can manage basic settings of WiFi. You can either turn off or turn it on  from this page by selecting the right butt

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