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Error 720: A Connection to the Remote Computer could not be Established

Yesterday while starting a dial-up connection on my laptop it showed an error message Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established. While searching for the possible reasons and solution for error 720, I found the following information. Some of the reasons to get this error message are the weak signal, Loose contact of the modem, corrupted TCP/IP protocol, etc. I have troubleshot my dial-up connection and laptop with the information I collected and fixed the error. This tutorial is based on the procedure I followed to fix the problem. If you ever see this error message, I hope the following troubleshooting guide will help you to resolve it.

How to Resolve Error 720 If it is a USB modem, you should unplug and replug the modem. In most cases, the re-connection of the USB modem fixed the Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established

Uninstall and Reinstall TCP/IP:
Corrupted TCP/IP protocol on your computer may results "Error 720: A c…

How to Uninstall and Reinstall TCP/IP Protocol

On CoreNetworkZ, we have discussed many connectivity issues. One of the many common solutions found in different tutorials is the reinstallation of  the TCP/IP suite. So, we decide to write a supporting article to cover this area. Uninstalling TCP/IP on your computer is another supporting article for our major network troubleshooting guides. Before going to the steps to uninstall TCP/IP protocol, we should understand what is TCP/IP.

TCP/IP is a protocol suite, a combination of a set of protocols which are necessary for establishing communication between computers in a network. Major protocols in TCP/IP suite are:

In many networking issues, we need to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP protocol on our computer. To do this, I suggest you follow the instructions provided below. It is important to know that you have to log in to the Windows Administrative account to perform the steps.

Steps to uninstall TCP/IP Protocol
Click on Start and go to Control panelOpen Ne…

How to Delete My Yahoo Messenger Account

I believe you heard the news about the closing of Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms. Some of the loyal users of Yahoo messenger service(YM) are angry on it, and one user asked me to share steps to delete YM accounts. Whatever the reasons Yahoo provides an option to delete your Messenger account. However, the important point to remember is you cannot delete YM account alone. The only option is to delete entire features associated.

So I recommend using the different alias if you are no longer interested in disclosing your real ID. If you are determined to delete entire Yahoo account, you can follow the steps provided below.

Go to the Yahoo Account Termination page by click on the link below

Login using your username and password

Now you need to verify the termination process by filling your password

Now they will permanently disable your access to this account and put this account in the deletion queue. After 90 days, they will remove your accoun…

How to Reset Linksys Router

Though not recommended there are many instances where you may need to reset the network devices on the home network. For example, if you forgot the current router login password, you would not be able to access the configuration page. Linksys router does not come with a password recovery wizard, and the only way to claim access to the setup page is by resetting the current password.

Another reason is to fix connectivity issues due to the faulty configuration, and you are unable to find the exact wrong setting made.

Linksys router comes with a reset button, and it is very much needed if you want to reset the current configuration. In that case, you may need to reset the router to factory default and start it from scratch.

Why Should I Reset Linksys Router Forgot log in password

To recover from faulty configuration

Part of the firmware upgrading process

Steps to Reset Linksys Wireless Router Hold the Reset button for 30 seconds by using a pen tip. You can find the reset button on the rear …

Unresponsive Script- A Script On This Page May be Busy,It May Have Stopped Responding

For the past few days,  I have been getting an error message on Firefox while browsing. The error message is A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. There are two buttons on the error message, continue and stop script. If we press the continue button, Firefox starts to wait for the completion of the process.

If you are not patient, you can stop the code by pressing the second button. Reason for getting "Unresponsive Script" error message is the long time taken by it to execute than the expected time set in the Firefox configuration.

If you are not familiar with the error, have a look at the screenshot given below. As I explained before, if we do not press the "Stop Script" button, this message will stay a very long time. We have provided the Solution to this Firefox Unresponsive Script error below.

Firefox Unresponsive Script Error Solution To solv…

Tata Docomo GPRS and 3G Settings For Android and Windows Phones

Tata Docomo offers GPRS and 3G services (3G service offers to the speed up to 21.1 Mbps )in India, and this article is about enabling their GPRS settings on mobile phones irrespective of Android or Windows versions. To activate GPRS on your mobile handset (both Windows Phone and Android Phone), you should recharge with a specific rate. To get Tata Docomo GPRS settings automatically on your mobile phone, you should type the INTERNET and SMS to 52270.

They will send you the default GPRS Internet settings, and you need to save it on your handset. If the automatic settings don't arrive, you can manually set Docomo GPRS settings on your Android and Windows mobile phones by entering the following details.

Manual Docomo GPRS Settings For Android and Windows PhonesNameTata Docomo Internet (You can change it if you want)APNtata.docomo.internetProxyNot setPortNot setUsernameNot setPasswordNot setMCC405MNC035AuthenticationNoneAPN Typedefault
Get Tata Docomo 3G & GPRS Settings Automatical…

Port Forwarding in Nokia Siemens Residential Router

Nokia Siemens Residential Router provides inbuilt firewall protection from external intruders. It is good for the security of your home network, but sometimes this may cause some issues. This firewall might block some network applications, which work through specific ports. Default router firewall settings might block all the communications via uncommon ports due to the security rules. To ensure the smooth working of the devices and applications which use the port communication, you need to forward specific port numbers associated with them on your router.

This article is specifically for Nokia Siemens Residential Router. Before proceeding to the steps to forward port numbers on Nokia Siemens Residential Router, you should ensure that you have the port numbers of the applications and the IP address of the computer on which the applications run.

Port Forwarding On Nokia Siemens Residential Router Type on the address bar of the browser

Enter the Router setup page by providi…

How to Convert D-Link Wireless Router into Bridge Mode

This article is about steps to convert the D-Link Wireless Router into Bridge mode. If you want to connect two LANs via WiFi, you need a wireless router in bridge mode. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to configure the D-Link wireless router in bridge mode to communicate with another WiFi router to connect two LAN networks. The network diagram is like this. One router is in Access Point or wireless router mode but the second router is in bridge mode.

Let us check what does putting a D-link router into bridge mode do. How does it work differently from normal mode?

The D-link device in the bridge mode accepts a point to point communication only.

It is important to remember that once we change D-Link router into bridge mode, it will not connect to other WiFi clients and its Internet port also will be disabled.

Every device connected to the Ethernet ports of the D-link router will connect to the WiFi from the first Router.

Steps to Configure D-Link Wireless Router in Bridge mode

How to Remove Blogger Navbar from Your Blog

You may notice that in default blogger themes, you can see navbar on the top of your blog. This bar helps you to search for important information on this site or other blogs. However, it affects the overall template perfection, and sometimes you may wish for a method to hide it. In the case of customization, if you feel a little uncomfortable with this blogger navigation bar, you can remove it. Previously you have to add some CSS/HTML edit to remove navbar, but now Blogspot offers a simple radio button to disable it. This tutorial explains how to remove the navigation bar without editing the template by using the radio button provided by Blogspot.

Steps to Disable Blogger Navbar Log on to Blogger Account

Click on Layout

Click on Edit button near Navbar

Select the Off button and click on the Save

The above tweak disables the default navigation bar from the top. If you do want this feature later, you can repeat the same steps and select the one which you want to display and click save. The …

How to Manually Setup D-Link Wireless Router

D-Link quick setup wizard is enough for an average user to set up his router but for advanced options, it is better to learn how to configure this device manually. This tutorial explains how to configure every model of D-Link wireless router manually for advanced features. Here we learn how to enable Internet access, WiFi and WiFi security. The first step of this guide is to make sure you can go online with the modem by connecting a computer to the Ethernet port of the modem.

If it is fine, disconnect the modem and connect the computer to one of the LAN ports of D-Link Wireless Router using an Ethernet cable. Now power on the device.

Configure Broadband Access On D-Link Router Access Setup Page:

Type on Browser address bar and press enter.

Enter username admin and leave the password field blank. Click on login to access setup page.
Click on Manual Internet Connection Setup

Select Internet Connection type:

Using the drop-down menu, you can select the Internet connection type…

Error 633: The Modem is Already in Use or not Configured Properly

"Error 633: The modem(or other connecting devices) is already in use or not configured properly" is a possible error message you may receive while trying to access the Internet mostly using a dial-up connection. If the modem driver installed on your computer is outdated or not compatible with the OS, you may receive this error message. This tutorial explains the reasons and solution to solve this problem. To fix this error, I suggest you try the steps provided below.

The solution for Error 633: The modem is already in use or not configured properly Troubleshooting steps to solve Error 633: The modem(or another connecting device) is already in use or not configured properly are:

Uninstall and Reinstall Modem Driver: To do this follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
How to Uninstall and Update Modem Driver installed on Your Computer

Delete all saved dial-up connections and create a new one

Change COM Port Assigned for Modem: To perform this step to resolve Error 633: The…

How to Change COM Port Assigned to Modem on Your Computer

When you connect a modem to your computer using an Ethernet cable, your PC assigns a COM Port number to establish the communication. In many Modem related troubleshooting guides, we provide the step release or change the COM port number assigned to the modem. Instead of repeating the same steps in multiple guides, it is better to write a supporting article for our other network troubleshooting guides. In this tutorial, we give step by step instructions to release or change the COM Port assigned to the modem on your computer.

Different Methods to Access Device Manager

Device Manager is an important feature in Windows where all hardware devices installed on your computer are listed. From here we can manage, check the status and settings of installed hardware devices. In the device manager, you can update the driver of installed hardware or even uninstall them. This guide explains various methods to access Device Manager on your computer. These methods are from DOS Prompt, Run and GUI. You can use these methods on Windows 10 to Windows XP computers.

Open Device Manager from Command Prompt

You can open Device Manager straight from the Command Prompt. Follow the steps below to do it.
Click on the Start button and open Command Prompt by typing cmd on the Search windows

Type mmc devmgmt.msc on Command Prompt and Press enter

The Device Manager will open after you press the enter key.

Access Device Manager from Run window
open Run

Either you can open Run from Start menu or by pressing the keyboard combination [Microsoft button] and [R] button together.

Type mmc…

How to Show JavaScript or HTML Code on Blogger Blog Posts

When I started blogging, I felt difficulty with showing codes (both JavaScript code and HTML code) on blog posts. Whenever I type codes on posts, Blogger automatically starts interpreting it even if I select the option Show HTML literally under Blogger post settings options. So I was forced to show the codes as images rather than in text format. Then I realized a way to convert the script into parsed form by converting certain characters of the code in to escape characters.

After converting a script into escaped version, we can show it on the blog without having any trouble. This tutorial explains how to convert a script into parsed form and show inside the blog posts.

How to Display Code on Blogger Posts To display codes on a Blogger blog, you should convert them to escaped characters and show them under the HTML tag pre as shown below.

<pre> code in escaped characters </pre>
Now let us check how to convert a script into the escaped format.

How to Convert HTML/JavaScript …

Either you Specified a Destination Address that is not Valid or Remote Server is Down

"Error 769: Either you specified a destination address that is not valid, or your remote server is down" is a failure message you may receive when you are trying to go online using a PPPoE connection. According to Microsoft support, this problem may occur if the network adapter installed on your computer is not turned on. There is another alert sharing the same error code 769. Both of them are related to PPPoE.

Though the message displayed by them are different, the solution to fix them is the same. This tutorial explains all possible troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.

Quick Fix

As mentioned above, to fix Error 769: Either you specified a destination address that is not valid, or your remote server is down, we need to follow the troubleshooting steps provided in the link below. Though it is a different error message, the solution for both error messages is the same.
How to Resolve Code 769

If the modem configured in PPPoE, you should not configure Internet access in PP…

The Requested Operation Requires Elevation (Run as Administrator)

If you are trying to access certain files or services those need the elevated permission as a local administrator, you will receive an error message The requested operation requires elevation(Run as administrator). It is due to the continued efforts of Windows to protect the safety of user computer from unauthorized access to important services and applications by adding an extra layer of security which enforces users to run the application with administrative privileges only.

This Windows feature is called User Access Control(UAC) which ensure the user is accessing the program/service with necessary administrative rights.

The error message you may receive if you are trying to access the application without sufficient administrative rights looks like one below.

Error 769: The Specified Destination is not Reachable

Today morning while connecting my PC to the Internet using BSNL modem I received a message 'Error 769: The Specified destination is not reachable' and failed to access the Internet. It seems like my computer was trying to connect through WAN Miniport using PPPoE but failed to do so. So we can confirm this issue is related to PPPoE connection. This message shows additional buttons Redial, Cancel and More info and we can click on any one of them.

I clicked on redial but received the same failure message.

Possible Reasons for Getting Error 769 The major reason for "Error 769: The specified destination is not reachable" is wrongly configured the network connection.

If the network connection is PPPoE for DHCP connection (means DHCP server is enabled on Modem), your computer will not be able to find the PPPoE server and you will get this message. Another possible reason is the disabled network card on your PC.

How to Fix Error 769 To fix Error 769: The specified destinatio…

How to Reset Windows Socket - Winsock Reset

Winsock is acting as a standard interface between TCP/IP and the network applications installed in Windows. If the Windows Socket (Winsock) corrupts, you may face issues with network applications installed in your computer. In the worst case scenario, your computer may not be able to access the Internet. To fix this network issues, you need to reset Winsock. Winsock can be corrupted by the improper installation of any software or by malware infection. It is a supporting article for many of our network troubleshooting guides which include "Winsock reset" as one of the troubleshooting steps.

How to Reset Winsock
Click on Start

Run Command Prompt as Administrator: To reset Windows Socket you need to make sure the command prompt runs as administrator. To do this right click on command prompt icon and select Run as administrator. To learn more about this click on the link below.
You Don't have Administrative Rights to Run the Command

Type netsh winsock reset and press enter


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